can anyone speak to the playability and setup out of the box?

Squier by Fender® USB Stratocaster Guitar

Squier by Fender® USB Stratocaster Guitar

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    I needed to adjust the intonation, but not by much. There's some fret-buzz on the lower two strings, heaviest in the lower E. Haven't set that up yet. Pickups were set low and I brought the bridge one up a bit, which worked for me.

    It's very nice to play. The action is about right and I love the neck, which is easy to get around for someone with medium-to-small hands.

    With the exception of the flimsy USB jacks and socket, it's a very likeable guitar.

  • Comes with two cables, one USB to mini USB (Guitar), the other is mini USB to iPod. I think you will need an iPod App for this.

    Great looking guitar. Action is really low.

    This guitar comes with no instructions whatsover. Just a small sheet of paper indicating what the sockets are for. If you are a newby like me, I recommend visiting YouTube.

    Comes with two Allen keys. A medium sized one for adjusting the truss bar inside the neck and a tiny one for when the intonation need adjusting. Again I found some good instrctions on YouTube.

    Oh, and it comes with a long spring (this is where the instructions would have been handy). You may find that this long spring is superfluous. It's part of the whammy bar (aka tremolo arm). It's an extra spring that s fitted by turning the guitar over on its front (fretboard downwards) and removing a plate on the back of the guitar body. Some people like an extra spring on the whammy bar I understand.

    You also need to get a guitar strap and plectrum because, like instructions, these are not supplied.

    As soon as you can afford it, I recommend getting a hard case to keep the guitar in as too. Suggest using the box the guitar is delivered temporarily at least to protect the intrument until you do get a proper case.

    Got mine two days ago but I haven't got a note out of it yet due to 'technical problems' with my iMac. However my daughter's back from Uni for Christmas tomorrow evening, so I will be borrowing her MBP to try the guitar out then.

  • I found mine perfect right out of the box. Great action, great setup. Comparable to the best of the Squier Strats, though the tremolo bar is way too stiff, but I find that to be the case on all Squier--useless, and taking springs out generally doesn't help. Guitar plays and sound great. Plugged it right into the iPhone and recorded instantly in Garageband. I do wonder why they put the USB connector and headphone plug on the bottom of the guitar instead of the corners or even the side. You're going to ruin that connector cord eventually whenever you instinctively put the guitar on a flat surface like you do with every other guitar you have ever owned. Two issues: no warranty card in my box and no adapter for the iPod 5 and iPad 3 connectors--just the 30-pin.