Can AirPort (any model) interoperate with WiFi printers and cameras?

It's trivial to connect a USB printer to an AirPort base station or share a printer attached to a Mac via Airport; but can a WiFi printer such as the HP WiFi printers sold at Apple stores join an AirPort network? Logistically it is not always convenient to have a printer or web cam located within USB cable distance of the Airport base station or one of the networked Macs.

QA AirPort Extreme Base Station

QA AirPort Extreme Base Station

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  • HP WiFi enabled printers should have no trouble being connected to an AirPort network. For older AirPort Base Stations (pre-Extreme) you may need to use a 13 character wireless password if you have WEP encryption turned on on the ABS.

    Note that HP all-in-one printers claim that you can do scanning over a wireless network. I and others have found this does not work with HP software (this is with the computer wireless, but an ethernet wired printer). I would expect the same problem if the printer is connected to the network via WiFi.

    I am not aware of any webcams which have WiFi built-in. A wireless computer with a webcam can use it over WiFi. Also, while current AirPort Extreme and Express Base Stations have USB ports, these do not support webcams.

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    Yes. I have a Kodak ESP 7 aio (built in Wi-Fi) wirelessly connected to my airport and it prints flawlessly.

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  • It with the newer(doenst have to be the latest) models