Are u able to power on/off a connected MacBook Pro? In other words, can u shut down/turn a connected MacBook without opening up MacBook?

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    Yes you can use the monitor with the macbook closed provided you have an external mouse / keyboard. You can wake a macbook from sleep whilst it is closed but you cannot power it on from a full shutdown without using the power button next to the macbook's keyboard.

  • you can power off but you can't power on with Macbook clamshell closed. You can wake it from sleep using usb connected keyboard/mouse or even connecting your iphone/ipod/ipad...

  • 1. Ensure Bluetooth devices (mouse or keyboard) are enabled to wake the computer in sleep mode.

    2. Once that is enabled, you can use your MBP in Clamshell mode.
    - turn on your MBP
    - connect the cables from the display
    - once you see the display, close your MBP (Clamshell mode)
    - press your mouse or keyboard to wake the MBP. (wait a while for the computer to wake and launch the display)
    - see the sleep light on the bottom right of your MBP - it should have a solid light when you wake the MBP, else it will keep flashing.

    3. If you shutdown the MBP while in Clamshell mode, the only way you can power it on is via the Power On button on the laptop.

  • The screen pretty much transforms your Macbook into an Imac, So Shutting down is not a problem. Turning on is done by clicking on a mouse that is connect to the laptop or screen, this is Known as running the Mac in clam mode.

  • Sure. If the display is connected, you simply shut it down through the software menu. Otherwise, you need access to the hardware button.