What's the difference between the AirPort Extreme and the AirPort Time Capsule?

I'm thinking about buying one for my 2013 MacBook Air, but the only differences I can find between the two products are the names and the prices.

AirPort Extreme

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    The AirPort Extreme is a wireless router. The Time Capsule is a wireless router with a built-in hard disk drive for backup purposes.

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  • AirPort Extreme does not have an internal hard drive. It does provide the ability to externally attach a hard drive, and to present that drive as a network attached drive in much the same way as the Time Capsule presents its hard drive on the network.

    However, and this is important, Apple supports the use of the Time Capsule hard drive as a Time Machine backup destination, but does NOT support drives attached to AirPort Extreme as Time Machine targets. If you try it, it may appear to work, but only until it fails. Do not do it!

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  • extreme is a router.

    time capsule is a router as well, but it has a built in hard drive that you can set up. it is used to back up your mac, so if you accidentally delete something, you can always get it back. or if you are getting a new mac, you can set it up with time capsule so that everything that was on your old mac is now on your new one.

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  • Time Capsule refers to the hard drive AND associated software found on Apple external hard drives. I can store things on my Seagate external hard drive using the Time Capsule SOFTWARE. You don't have to buy an APPLE Airport Extreme/ Time Capsule/etc. to use actually use Time Capsule.

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  • I am the owner of a time capsule. The time capsule works with time machine (a piece of apple software allowing for automatic backups) has a built in WiFi router AND hard disk. The Airport extreme is a WiFi Router without the hard disk for backups. The additional pricing for the hard disk was, in my opinion, a great deal. I have had many different routers in the past and am extremely satisfied with my now four year old purchase.

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