What is the battery life?

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  • For quite some time I used Energizer Lithium's before switching over to Sanyo Eneloops (Exactly the same as the Apple branded rechargeabes) and I can get up to 3-4 months charge off of a freshly charged set.

    I'm curious to try the Mobee Magic Charger.

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  • For me, i've had the mouse 3 weeks and my batteries have just run down. I have the computer on 8 hours a day and power off at night. Assuming the mouse never powers off/sleeps during the day but does switch itself off at night that is 120 hours of use which seems pretty poor to me - from an energizer battery . If I am doing something wrong and should switch the mouse off each night or something please let me know.

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  • Extending battery life without cost is easy. All you need to do is put in the partially spent batteries from your numerous remotes, thermostats, and the myriad of other electronics you use AA batteries for and use them until your mouse quits or you get the replace battery warning.

    Yes you need to replace more frequently, but remember - there is no cost !!!

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  • I change the batteries about every month or so. I switch between the mouse and the trackpad on my 17" MacBook Pro, so people that use the mouse exclusively may have a different experience.

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  • I turn the power off every night, and the batteries seem to last about 8 weeks. I'm actually quite impressed.

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  • My battery life for the Apple Mice have always lasted several months. Of course, I am a college student who only uses the mouse for study and regular leisure. I don't know the battery life for a mouse used by someone who is an avid gamer.

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  • I have found this to be the best way with the Apple Magic Mouse:

    Go to Costco, buy their Kirkland brand package of 48 AA's for $9.99 and not have to worry about battery life on the Magic Mouse ever again. It makes the Magic Mouse even more enjoyable!

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  • I Got my mouse a week ago and have been using it non-stop and it's at 99% battery level which is pretty good considering my old Microsoft wireless mouse would be out of battery by now.

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  • Average of 4 months on two AA batteries

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  • Up to 4 months

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  • about 4 months of battery life

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  • Depends on;

    Type and brand of battery
    Operating temperature
    How much you use it

    As with any 'how long will the batteries last' question - it is impossible to give an accurate answer.

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  • THey claim 4 months.

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  • Apple says that average AA batteries will last 4 months of normal use.

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  • well not having it for more than a few hours its hard to tell but after several hours of using it after full charge still at 100%

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  • that would depend a lot on what batteries you use, and would vary greatly

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  • The time that you batteries last, then you just open the bottom part of the mouse and change for new AA batteries !

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