What is the battery life?

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    "Four months" ROFL. Three weeks is the best I've gotten.

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  • I use fresh Duracell AA alkaline batteries in my new Apple mouse. I purchased it almost two months ago, and haven't had to change batteries yet. And I never turn it off when not in actual use.

    I wish we all could properly document these "short battery life" reports with the basics - like what brand of AA cell is being used. Because I cannot believe that my mouse is the only one that has lasted this long.

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  • The original batteries held their charge from February when I bought it to the middle of March, then I changed them with off brand AA's from CVS and those only lasted until the beginning of April.

    I use my computer 5 hours a day, 7 days a week, mouse turned off when I'm not using it.

    Now I've got regular Duracell AA's that I've had since April and they're at 60% battery life. I guess it mostly depends on the type of battery, making sure it's turned off when you aren't using it definitely helps.

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  • If I remember correctly, it's around 800 non-stop hours of life.

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  • I have had the mouse for about two months now and i am still at 100%. I am using Energizer Lithium AA batteris.

    My usage is average, about 3-4 hours per day.

    I do try to remember to flip the switch at night or when I put the computer to sleep.

    This is my first set of batteries.

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  • 4 Months, but really depends on the batteries you put in it.

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  • Apple states that the battery life is up to four months, i assume that this may be longer if the inbuilt power switch is used.

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  • I am using Duracell non rechargeable batteries and have replaced them twice. I have only had the computer/mouse since the end of November. Thanks for the tip about rechargables I was wondering if they would work.
    I use the computer 7 days a week at home (since I am on holidays at the moment) but only for about 4 hours a day.

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  • Well I just bought a set or rechargeable batteries as I have gone through three sets of batters in about two months or less. Anyway 2 days in on these 2000mAh and at 51%. this is extreme but I give it usually a couple of weeks. Mouse is great other than that but it has cost me more than thought to run the thing.

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  • I have been using my Magic Mouse constantly now for 3 months. The factory installed batteries are at 58%.

    This is without a doubt the best mouse I have ever used.

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  • Having used up several sets of disposable batteries, I have gone to rechargeables for the keyboard and the mouse. I am still waiting to have to recharge, it has been a couple of months. I do turn off the mouse when left unattended for awhile.

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  • My Magic Mouse has used the same batteries since Christmas, still works great, has 52% battery life left! I work with it at minimum of 6 hours a day!

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  • Same here...3-4 weeks is the best battery life I've gotten...I think the problem might be that the mouse does not go into "power saving" mode as often as it should.

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  • I've had mine about 5 months and am on my second set of batteries. Just using regular Duracells.

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  • Battery life is terrible! I've had my mac a month or so...the mouse is threatening to shut off right now. I love everything else though!

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  • I have the previous Mighty Mouse at work. I have to change the batteries about once per month. I don't know how Apple missed it...make them with a built-in, rechargeable battery that can charge through USB. Yep, that's what I'm waiting for. Changing batteries is such a pain and they always go flat just when you really need it.

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  • I have been using my Magic Mouse for around 8 hours per weekday for the last 4 months and have not had to replace the batteries yet.

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  • 2 To 3 months. Mac mouse have a nice power save function. I use 2100 mA LiPo's
    I also never switch off my mouse. Mac usage 6 days a week.

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  • I have to change mine every 30 days or so.

    Now using Duracell 2000mAh rechargeable batteries.

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  • I got this free with my MacBook Pro 2 days ago. I've only used the laptop for about 10 hours at the maximum and my battery is now 93%. I turn the mouse off whenever I'm away from the laptop for more than a minute. At this rate, it will drain in a month. This might be because the included batteries could have been sitting in the store for a while.

    Prior to using this, I used a Logitech VX Nano which lasted me about 5 months with the same usage.

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