• 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Nice speakers for a relatively cheap price

    • Written by from Sydney

    Jet black with a small foot print, these speakers are slightly angled to the listener if sitting on a desk. There is a handy volume dial at the front as well as a conveniently placed 3.5mm headphone jack below.
    The materials used consist of hard plastics (for the body) with cloth speaker protectors.
    Overall the speakers sit on soft rubberised cushions. They look, feel and function with minimalism in mind.
    Would have preferred wooden housing, but price in mind, the thick plastics do the job.

    Interestingly the reverse of the speakers each contain an air separator for Bass/Air reflection.

    Setting up the speakers could not be easier. Plug the left speaker into the right. Plug the main cable from the speaker to your computer and the power into the power outlet. Slide the volume dial to turn on. Very simple. One issue is the fact that there is no power light.

    Music with heavy bass is over pronounced to give a sense of richness.
    Mid and high tones are quite impressive with minimal distortion at higher volumes.
    Classical music with true space technology indeed makes the listening experience a pleasure.

    Overall a wonderful set of cost effective speakers that do the job for the casual listener.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Decent, but most importantly---cheap!

    • Written by from West Lafayette

    I wasn't really expecting much out of this 99 bucks pair of speakers, and their actual performance sounded worthy of the money. I mean, these are not the best speakers you can find for your mac or PC, but for the price, they do a pretty decent job. I would expect them to reproduce lower in the low end, and crisper in the high end, but if that means $100 or more to spend, I'd rather stay with this pair.

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