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    Muddy, bland and lifeless.

    • Written by from Seattle

    I will try to address why I feel these are not good speakers. They are better than 70% of the cheap $99 and under computer speakers though.

    The Freq. range I tested is 58hz-13624hz. They have a TI TPA3110D2 amp which is 15w per channel (shared with headphones) and have a TLV320AIC3254 DSP which is designed for signal processing like EQ even though Bose brags about “natural uncolored sound”. Heavy coloration is confirmed when doing an A/B with my Grado headphones. Through the Bose port they are thick and fat and lifeless. The highs fall off and the spaciousness and brightness disappear. Plugging straight into the soundcard sounds shockingly better. I would have to say the DSP and amp are really poor and kill the music.

    1. Build Quality. Plastic feels thick but still cheap and hollow when tapped. Inside has supports to give “fake” solid feel. No baffling. Connectors tin. Wires sufficient. Cones uncoated paper. Surrounds rubber. Magnets small. Gluework sloppy.

    2. Bass. Thick, muddy and tremendously overemphasized. Certain notes resonate terribly and others cancel out causing Bass to vary in volume. Very annoying listening experience.

    3. Mids – Flat and boring. Drowned out by bass. No airiness. Vocals don’t pop. Very nasal sound.

    4. Highs – Buried by bass, muffled with no crispness.

    5. Soundstage - Imaging poor and almost seems mono regardless of placement. I play Beatles tunes to make sure these are stereo. Sound is like a flat wall and non-immersive.

    6. Detail - None. The DSP kills subtle details. Lifeless and unrealistic, Speakers are slow and not very responsive and fight to keep up with the music.

    In all these are really disappointing. I have tried 5 different speakers and these were the biggest letdown. Soundsticks III were my favorite.

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