What distance can you have the unit away from its music source?

I have been told its just a few feet away from the source, which is silly to be wireless then is it not?

Philips AD7000W AirPlay Speaker

Philips AD7000W AirPlay Speaker

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  • The speaker works on your home wireless network and as such, the range is solely dependant on your wireless router strength. Effectively, you could be in another room and still play music as long as you are connected to wifi.

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    That's impossible to answer definitively as it depends on your network setup. The key is how far the Philips would be from your nearest wireless router access point. And the maximum you could have will depend on a whole load of local parameters like the thickness and material of your walls, how many there are between the access point and the Philips and how many other WiFi access points there are nearby and on what channels. The best rough guide - and it's only rough - is that if your iPhone / iPod Touch WiFi works from where you intend to put the Philips, then the Philips will probably work too.But there are no guarantees!