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    Failure Certain With This Cable

    • Written by from Sugarloaf Key

    This is perhaps the worst engineered product made by Apple. If it were in a car, the car would be recalled. When will Apple address this issue?

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    • Written by from Tarzana

    so, you have a $400 cell phone that depends on such a weak little thread to keep its battery alive? these stupid chargers are pathetic, and tear up way too easily! you may give some lame excuse to me like "you, the user, should be more careful and less abusive with your charger," but i am equally careful with my iphone charger as i am with my nokia charger, but there is one difference - I HAVE HAD MY NOKIA CHARGER FOR 4 YEARS NO

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    Low quality, easily worn out.

    • Written by from Salt Lake City

    The only time I use my charging cable is at night while I sleep. Which means there are absolutely no forces at play anywhere along the length of the cable. Yet, the sheath right at the phone connection end has split exposing the wires. This has also caused intermittent contact and no/poor charging. This low quality electrical connection can't be good for the iPhone hardware.

    I firmly believe Apple should replace any lighting cable free of charge for the life of the phone. I can't believe the rapid decline in Apple build and material quality in the past few years.

    Bottom line: DO NOT buy an Apple brand Lightning Cable. It WILL fall apart in less than a year (or sooner if you use your phone while plugged in).

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    Refunds should be given

    • Written by from Whitley bay

    I now have 3 of these cables broken - within 6 months. The simple fact is that they are poorly designed and always go in the same place - just beneath the connector into the device, where the cable element starts. It doesn't like being bent and there is a connection issue that develops after a period of time.

    Not good enough for Apple and refunds should be given to those that are being forced to shell out on new cables. This isn't a consumer or care issue, it is a design flaw.

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    • Written by from Endicott

    With normal use, the rubber covering easily splits and tears, exposing the wiring underneath. I'm afraid if I leave my phone charging while unattended, I could burn my house down! I'm so sick of having to buy new cables - I go through 2-3 per year! No cord for any piece of technology that I currently use has this problem, including cords that frequently get moved around. My plan is up at the end of the year and I'm switching to a Samsung Galaxy. I've used to love, love, LOVE my iPhone, but Apple could certainly do a lot more to address consumer concerns and customer loyalty.

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    • Written by from Burlington

    Last 1 month with a 6+. Really Apple?!

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    What a joke

    • Written by from Southampton

    Useless cable always becoms faulty

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    Cable gone AGAIN!!!!!

    • Written by from London

    Something so simple yet you cant seem to listen to your customers and make the necessary design tweaks to ensure this product works. It is no secret that the cable casing is so delicate that it cannot withstand normal wear and tear so why have you done nothing about it??? USELESS!

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    Not durable

    • Written by from Los Angeles

    It seems like apple chargers don't last very long i keep having to repurchase a charger every month and a half.!

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    Lightning cable

    • Written by from Norwich

    Would like to give no stars..this cable is not fit for purpose and should be redesigned...I have had to replace my cables several times wich is unacceptable especially as I charge my devices in the same place each time so the cables have had minimal handling..come on Apple sort it out!!

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    Expensive GARBAGE disposable cables. My next phone won't be an apple

    • Written by from Langley

    I am an IT Manager and I oversee over a dozen iPhone's & iPad's. Because of the poor unreliable quality of the Lightning charge cables, I won't be buying any more Apple products for personal or business use. These are garbage. My newest one lasted just over two months. I've never had a standard USB cable or a micro USB cable fail on me with other devices. As for the Apple Lightning cables, I am not exaggerating when I say for 3 users with 5 devices that need Lightning Cables we have gone through over 60 cables in less than 2 years.

    I have been an iPhone enthusiast since the iPhone 3GS, however I am now due for an upgrade on my own iPhone 5 as well as majority of our work iPhones and because of the poor quality of the proprietary lightning charge cables, my next phone will be a brand that uses the basic micro-USB connector to charge. Too many times I've been stuck with a dead phone because the cable no longer worked. It almost cost me my job once when a server failed on a weekend and no one could get through to me due to my phone dying and none of my charge cables working consistently.

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    Lasted 4 weeks

    • Written by from Soldiers Point

    This cable lasted 4 weeks before failing. I have tried to get Apple to send me a new one but I have to actually go to a store which for me is 1 hour away. No Happy Apple!

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    Shockingly poor design, poor quality & overly priced

    • Written by from Stonehaven

    Rubbish, rubbish, rubbish!! I've just spent over £700 on a new iPhone and I can't charge the blimin thing!! Having dealt with the same faulty cable issue with my previous iphone for over a year where I was forced to purchase a new cable every couple of months, I was hoping Apple would have sorted this issue by now but the lighting cables are as dodgy as ever. I completely regret buying another Apple phone simply because of this issue. It's like throwing money down the drain, £15 to be exact, every time the cable decides to stop working or my phone decides that it 'doesn't support this accessory'. I used to rely on my phone for such things as receiving and making calls, sending messages, using the alarm clock to get me up for work etc but not any longer as I can never guarantee that my phone will have any power. I've spent thousands of pounds on iPhones, iPads and iTunes but now I really wish that I'd gone for a Samsung phone for a stress free "being able to use my phone type thing" life.
    P.S Up until they die, my charging cables are treated with much love and preciousness. I don't abuse them and my last cable still only lasted 10 weeks. I quite simply don't understand how Apple can make something as technical and advanced as an iPhone but can't make a simple cable that works and can withstand normal wear & tear. Sort it outApple!!!!!

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    Useless within 3 months

    • Written by from Fareham

    Within 3 months of owning my iPhone this cable ceased to work. No sign of damage but clearly the internals can not handle the demand of the pittiful iPhone battery. My new 3rd-party one is working much better.

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    Extremely fragile

    • Written by from WHITBY

    Not even a year since we have our iPods and iPad air and we've purchased 4 more cables on top of the ones which come with our items. Very very disappointed....

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    • Written by from Savage



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    Apple's ulimate fail

    • Written by from Durham

    I honestly LOVE Apple. I live and breathe Apple products, but APPLE...You know better than to create such TRASH. These chargers are made from dental floss. They don't last but 2 months. APPLE please do better. I have a $599 phone with a trash charger. -_-

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    Cable failure due to poor design

    • Written by from Coventry

    We have several Apple products in our household including I-Phone 5's, an I-Pod 5th Gen and I-Pad and the Lightning cables fail one by one, normally when they’re out of guarantee. I had a discussion at an Apple store, but was made to feel that it was my fault and needed to take more care with the use of the lead. The leads seem to weaken at the point where the cable goes into the device connector. On the older generation devices, the cable was thicker and the cable coating was a lot tougher therefore protecting the wires better. Another problem is that the connector is difficult to remove from the device due to the small shiny surface area of the connector and the high unplugging force required. This may contribute to the failing of so many leads due to people pulling on the lead to remove the connector. If you remember, the old connector had release buttons and once pressed the connector released with ease. I like Apple products, they are very well designed and very robust, but the Lightning USB cable lets them down by a mile. I’m considering buying a competitors phone that uses a micro USB connection, because I know that these cables are less likely to fail and if they do I can buy a cheap alternative cable, not one that’s costing £15 every time (Apple Tax). This seems to be such a common fault, you would think that Apple would do something about it, or at least make replacement leads more affordable.

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    Poor Quality

    • Written by from Murfreesboro

    I've had this charger for less than 6 months, it stays connected I do not move it, wrap it up etc. I just noticed that at the base of the connector it is frayed and the rubber coating has split and is peeling off. Poor quality for something that that just lays on a desk all day.

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    Apple build quality on this is poor

    • Written by from Montacute

    Apple's quality control has taken a dive with the lightening cable

    Had cable for iphone 5, ipad mini and ipad all split exposing the wires within, in the last 12 months

    Avoid avoid avoid avoid.......

    The replacement bought from the well known internet retailer's basic range is hard wearing and does the job better


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