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    • Written by from Lake In The Hills

    It's okay. I REALLY want the numbers on the side back like a REGULAR keyboard. Like what they used to have! They should give us consumers a choice between the two. I use the numbers on the side a lot since I'm a math geek. :/

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    Great while it lasted

    • Written by from Sharon

    I got this keyboard about a year and a half ago and it was just fantastic, I bought it for my macbook so i could type while using my mac like a desktop computer. Unfortunately, recently, the batteries exploded in my keyboard rendering it useless. I tried to get the batteries out and got the first 3 but the last one is still stuck and I tried everything but now all I have is a dead $ 70 keyboard. This is a great keyboard but if you're buying it, be prepared to take very good care of it.

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    Great Keyboard if only you could "send" from it

    • Written by from Lafayette

    The keyboard is fantastic, light, east to pack and easy to use. The only issue....they need to make a case to carry it in for briefcase etc. A case that carried Ipad, KeyBoard and power supply would be even better.

    Other and more significant issues- you cant send or delete email from the board, you have to work back and forth between board and Ipad.

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    Too compact

    • Written by from Calgary

    The keys are snappy and I find typing to be a pleasurable and efficient experience. Not unlike typing on the MacBook Pro keyboard. However, it's just too compact for a desktop keyboard. Why not bring out an extended wireless keyboard.. it would be EASIER-TO-USE when doing finance, math and accounting functions. (Yes creatives need to do their invoices too.) and still look great on the desktop without the ugly wire.

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    Nice but can get better

    • Written by from Athens

    Would like to see a keyboard with:

    1) Auto/manual adjustable key lighting
    2) Full size with numeric pad
    3) Recharging ability with USB cable connection or wireless.

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    Keyboard for Designers?

    • Written by from Port Melbourne

    If you are a Graphic Designer and you enjoy the odd keyboard shortcut this keyboard isn't really for you. I like to set up Character Styles in Indesign with shortcuts. You cannot set up shortcuts with this keyboard. Good luck editing a 30 page document with no character style shortcuts.

    I'm off to buy the old plug in keyboard to use for any design work.

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    Why bluetooth??? (drains batteries)

    • Written by from fishers

    Apple has always had always had awesome keyboards sleek up-to date (looking almost futuristic). But yes its aluminum and yes it's sleek... But bluetooth?

    The good-
    Fits awesome beside a mouse, it has a almost a fully loaded control, batteries last most of the time if you are not a big typer, It removes the little usb connector from the computer for the normal wireless key boards come with.

    The bad-
    Bluetooth, WHY? it just makes it not really user friendly when trying to connect to the iPad or iMac or any other mac that is bluetooth ready (DOES NOT WORK ON ANY WINDOWS COMPUTERS). You also loose 2 usb ports that are on the non wireless keyboards, also takes a-little bit to connect, but 2 batteries just raises the keyboard WAY more than necessary, Increased weight to be what it is.

    Finally--- the way that Apple make products is amazing but this one was more like a hit then miss.Because you need a big screen to see what your typing when it is on you lap and you are far away, and then yes it is thin and lite but i don't really enjoy it as much as my numeric pad keyboard even though they both feel great while typing.

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    doesn't work with my iPad

    • Written by from Sharon

    I love this keyboard and it works great with my iMac. It doesn't work with my iPad. The iPad sees it but does not pair with it. I don't see other commenting but I can't be the only person with this issue...

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    Nice Design but ....

    • Written by from Kent

    This is a decent keyboard. It looks fabulous. I get the design decision to make the iMac all about the display, and the sleek, paired down keyboard enhances the effect. It's responsive, and basically comfortable. HOWEVER:

    If you need a 10-key, forget it. This keyboard isn't for you. So, financial types, and those of us creatives who like 10-key for logging time codes, etc. are outta luck.

    Not at all ergo. The layout is pretty standard, but the keys are not contoured. It's so slim that the usual keyboard tray with wrist rest is impossible to use. So, it sits on the desktop . . . doesn't take up much real estate, but it's not at all as comfy as a full size keyboard.

    Think it's probably fine for home use, but if you sit in front of a machine all day, you'll want a full-size keyboard.

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    No delete key, only a mislabeled backspace key

    • Written by from Shepherdstown

    Since I do a lot of writing, I really miss the delete key. Using my iMac feels like typing on my old Underwood portable. I called customer service for assistance in finding the keystroke combination for deleting forward, but there is none.

    This wireless keyboard is handy for a household with two users, one of whom likes to put the keyboard on top of the computer desk and one of whom likes to use the little pull-out shelf below. If the extended keyboard came in a wireless version, I'd buy it.

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    bad build - WOBBLY

    • Written by from houston

    types nice, looks nice, well-designed, poorly built - wobbly. when typing the thing would rattle and rattle against the tabletop.

    here's a kicker - i bought the keyboard in the US, and took it to UK. went into apple store in UK to get a swap -- they refused to, citing trade agreements and throwing out words like "laundering" and "extortion".

    okay, regardless of whether Apple US or Apple UK are separate business entities, this is simple matter of warranty of the same product. i wasnt returning the product - asking to exchange a defective apple product for a working apple product.

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    Problems with CAPS LOCK

    • Written by from Louisville

    word of warning, and I am not the only one after visiting the Apple Discussions. The CAPS LOCK key sometimes does not work.

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    Not worth the price

    • Written by from Newark

    It is a nice keyboard. The style is great. However, I just don't feel that it is worth $69.99. At least give me a full sized keyboard at that price. Kinda' feel ripped off.

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    Style over substance? Absolutely!

    • Written by from wassat

    The 'wafer thin' keyboard takes up very little space on my desk, which is a shame as I have a large desk to accommodate the 27" monitor that came with it. (It's not like I'm short of space...)

    Note: This is my first mac and therefore my first experience with a mac keyboard.

    - It is too small; as a touch typist I get cramped hands from trying to type on it
    - The keyboard layout is bizarre and I can only assume this is some kind of apple "standard", there are also keys missing which I have seen on the fullsize+numeric apple keyboards, this is very annoying as you then have to look up certain keys on the web
    - It has no USB ports so I still have to have a cable hanging out the back of the screen anyway
    - The typing action for touch typists is still nowhere near as good as a 'proper' keyboard

    Why doesn't someone just make a white/silver, wireless ergonomic keyboard?

    Is it really so difficult?

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    Kinda like it kinda don't

    • Written by from Fort Collins

    This is the first wireless keyboard I've used and sure like the lack of wires. Also, after 2 days, I like the touch better than I thought I would; however, the keys seem a little cramped compared to my old Apple Pro Keyboard even though the size looks about the same. Also, I know I'm going to miss the keypad. So, I'm not sure if I'll keep using it or not. I'll give it a little more time.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    wireless keyboard

    • Written by from norwalk

    It's great but PLEASE make a wireless keyboard with home/end page-up/down and um keypad!!!! Please!

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars


    • Written by from Fort Belvoir

    looks awesome, but be ready to change the batteries OFTEN!!!

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    What a difference a keypad would make!

    • Written by from Barrô AGD

    This wireless keyboard works very well and your fingers will love the touch, but... the lack of a numeric keypad is a serious miss if, like me, you do a lot of number keystrokes.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Love the Keyboard Miss my numbers pad

    • Written by from Bolton

    I love the sleek design and comfort of this keyboard, but it's lack of number pad made me take it back. Perhaps I'm one of the only accountants using a mac (?!?!) but the number pad is a necessity. Why isn't there an option with wireless keyboards?

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    Not as good as wired one...

    • Written by from Reading

    I do not like this keyboard very much. It seems the keys were crammed in and it is harder to type. I like the wired keyboard more, especially since it has the numeric keys. I wish you made the wired one, wireless.

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