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    No good

    • Written by from Alnwick

    Using this adapter to connect a second display to a Mac Pro. Mac will not recognise the correct resolution for the display.
    An identical display is connected to the DVI port via a VGA>DVI adapter without any problems.

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    Not useable with projectors

    • Written by

    Have tries several adapters on several projectors. I got a picture on the beamer, but only in 1024x768 which is wrong format and wrong resolution.
    What I wonder is if ther's anyone who knows if it is nessecary to have IDbits connected as well. This is not possible in this building. At ALL. Therefore the signal is "only"
    RGBHV which all standard PC's can handle. It is not possible to change the resolution on the Mac's own screen neither on the projector.

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    Doesn't Work

    • Written by from Kifissia, Athens

    doesn't even fit right with normal vga cables...mulfunction of connecting a new macbook with a Sony MRX-1 tv...the previous miniDVI-VGA adapter worked just fine...the Mini DisplayPort to DVI Adapter also works well...please do something

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    Disappointing result

    • Written by from Leeds

    Used this to plug my new Macbook Pro 13" to AG Neovo F419 external monitor.
    Nothing wrong with the monitor. It works fine with other laptops including old Macbook Pro 15".

    Now it flickers continuously and is completely unwatchable. Why??!!

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    Absolutely unreliable, waste of money and time

    • Written by from London

    I wanted to use my MBP for presentations but NONE of the displays, projectors or TVs which I tried to connect with this adapter could be detected without a reboot. So each time I connect a new display I have to restart with CMD+OPT+P+R buttons pressed to make it work. And if I disconnect it for a while then I need to restart again.

    That's a real disappointment and this just adds to a bunch of reasons why I won't recommend my friends to buy a Mac. Apple products reliability is a total myth.

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    Can't use!

    • Written by from ALBANY

    Can't use with my PHILIPS 15" monitor, my HDTV.
    Mark my words if your monitor was so old.

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    Doesn't really work

    • Written by from Auckland

    I purchased this specifically to demo software from Windows 7 via Bootcamp. This adapter will connect me to customer projectors but only in 640x420 resolution so is completely useless. I have spent hours on forums and updating drivers with no success. Apple have been no help at all.

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    Works well but won't mirror when lid is shut

    • Written by from Brisbane

    I bought the Mini Display Port so that I could use my computer screen instead of the Macbook screen however when I put the screen on mirror and close the lid on the Macbook the LG screen turns off. I'm very disappointed with this product and is of little use because my Macbook stops sending the display signal. As dual screen it works well.

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    Big disappointment!

    • Written by from Leyburn

    I recently started using an Imac & decided I wanted to use Keynote for presentations, so decided to buy a new Macbook. Big disappointment! As soon as I plugged in the VGA adaptor cable I was struck by how poor a fit it was - it wouldn't stay in place due to the weight of the VGA connector blocks at one end and the tiny mini display port connection at the other. Worse still, even when I physically held it in place I couldn't get any output to either Optoma or Epson projectors; the Macbook screen just went blank for a split second. I rang technical support who talked me through various possible solutions, but there was still no picture and I was advised to return the machine as it might have a faulty port. Reading the other comments on here I suspect the problem is more widespread than one 'faulty' Macbook, and I will sadly have to return it & carry on using my clunky (but stubbornly reliable) old Dell laptop for presentations or find an old Macbook that has better ports.

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    Doesn't work for the Acer Projector

    • Written by

    Acer® P5271 and others of the same model doesn't work at all with this adapter.

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    • Written by from Leytonstone

    I wanted to used it with my new Macbook, but it doesn't see the monitor (new HP 2309v).
    I've tried it with my Mac Mini and it doesn't work either. Only the mini-DVI/VGA adapter works with my Mac Mini.
    Mini Display/DVI can't be used with DVI/VGA, because the combination doesn't carry the analog signal...
    As both Macbook and Macbook Pro don't have the mini-DVI port, this adapter will give many people a headache and will force them to buy much more expensive Apple monitors.

    It's useless. My brand new 23" monitor will have to go to the skip, because of that.

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    Does Not Work At All!

    • Written by from Manila

    I have the new Macbook (unibody) which has the mini displayport unlike my previous Macbook with a miniDVI. Now, the old one worked without any problems with the miniDVI to VGA adapter but this new adapter does not only fail to work but keeps shutting down my laptop when I plug it in. It's so frustrating and such a waste of money for something that does not seem to be working.

    We've tried to plug into LCD monitors and LCD TVs and projector (for a presentation!!!!) but nothing worked. If someone can help me and make it work, please post here.

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    • Written by from Vancouver

    have had it for 6 months and it shorts out several times a week, giving me snow.
    useless and very annoying.
    and yes, its installed properly.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Epic Design FAIL

    • Written by from BELLBOWRIE

    Before buying my adapter I read some other reviews about the poor VGA connector design and thought seriously, they can't have stuffed that up?...

    ...But they have! I've tried two different VGA extension cables and both fail to fully push home into the VGA connector block. The rebate around the metal connector is too small to fit the slightly wider base of a standard male VGA connector. The connector threaded holes are even recessed in too far to be able to tighten up at all. The cable still works, but the VGA connector falls out at the slightest touch.

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    Does not work.

    • Written by from escondido

    I previously had my HP PC connected to my Vizio TV which worked fine. When I connected the MacBook via the adaptor it showed my screen saver but nothing else. I tried to modify the display characteristics e.g. refresh rate in the system preferences but could not get it to work. I can't find anything online to help either.

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    Not impressed

    • Written by from Guildford

    Bought this to take to client meetings — Fell at first hurdle: Connected, then failed immediately.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Display drops out every 5-10 minutes

    • Written by from Mercer Island

    Hooked this up to my Pioneer plasma TV and it works, but the display cuts out every few minutes (re-syncs). I've used other laptops with this display and had no problems!

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    Mini Displayport to VGA, MACBOOK and LCD SAMSUNG solution

    • Written by

    i have buy Mini DisplayPort to VGA Adapter for MACBOOK aluminum , i want connect to LCD Samsung 32", 46" and 52". there is still can't displays on All LCD TV Samsung.

    i have try with KVM monitor for 2 port there is working with Mini DisplayPort to VGA Adapter. so MACBOOK>>Mini DisplayPort>>Cable VGA>>KVM Monitor<<Cable VGA<<LCD TV Samsung.

    for my result there is have a problem with mini Dipsplayport to VGA Adapter not compatible with vga port on LCD Samsung.

  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    My Pioneer TV keeps re-syncing

    • Written by from Sydney

    Mini Display to VGA adaptor worked at first then I soon found that the Pioneer 50" Plasma which my new Macbook is connected to keeps dropping sync briefly(i.e. screen goes blank, then pics up the signal and displays the resolution on screen). The intervals between re-sync can be minutes or seconds apart. No way of predicting when it will happen. Very disappointing.
    Lets hope there will be a software fix for this and it is not the hardware that is the problem.

    Apple. Get your act together.

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    Poor build quality

    • Written by from Taroona

    Buy the Chinese 3rd party adapter for a fraction of the price of this one, the build quality is the same if not better, and it looks pretty much the same! My official 'Apple' adapter didn't last 6 months, while I've had the Chinese one for over a year now. Seriously, if I didn't like the smooth OSX of apple so much I wouldn't buy their products, it's all garbage wrapped up nice.

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