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    Short Battery Life on Sensor

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    Like most of the other people have contested, the sensor does not last long. I'm already needing to replace mine only after 173 mi/ 27 hours. The manual said it should last around "1,000 active hours". I wear my shoes only for running and do not wear them any other time. The positive side is that it has really helped me in my training. Great way to keep track of progress made.

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    My Review in 3 Words: SAVE YOUR MONEY

    • Written by from Alexandria

    I used to be able to say I loved all things Apple. Now I have to say I love ALMOST everything. This product IS HORRIBLE. The battery life is dismal, and the support on the product is non-existant. I do understand the difficulty inherent in supporting this type of product, but without a proper system of identifying shelf-life of the batteries, and without even an option of a replacement sensor at a reasonable price... this all adds up to a product that you're better off without. Save the money you would have spent on this and buy a motivational CD or something. All this did was raise my blood pressure before I'd run... just thinking about how bad it is.

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    Great product.

    • Written by from Lake Jackson

    I know lots of people have had battery problems, but I've had mine for over a year and it has worked great. I don't turn off the sensor between runs, but I also do not use my running shoes unless I'm running. (Walking in my case) The cool factor and the Nike web site has encouraged me on and changed the way I workout. Thanks!!

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    Sensor lasted 1 year

    • Written by from Chesterfield

    I like the product. I never turn mine off and I went through two pair of shoes but I only use them to run in. I think the key is to make sure you aren't using the shoes as "walk around" shoes or when you are not going to log a run. If you are you need to take the sensor out to save the battery life.

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    2 months 20 runs and the sensor is dead. Apple wont replace or refund. Its like a bad dream. Every facet of this systme is awesome.....the website, the ipod, the interface, but then they riun the entire pie by giving you a faulty sensor. with all the negative feedback they should really consider a new replacement policy.

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    Turn off the sensor and it will last

    • Written by from Dayton

    I bought my first nike+ kit in April 2007 from Amazon.com. After 115 runs, 734.48 miles and over 110 hours of use, the sensor is still running and haven't got the low battery yet. I have changed 2 shoes and on my 3rd shoe now, so for serious runners, this is really not a bad option. Yes depending on my pace sometimes the mileage is a little off but that ie expected from accelerometers - this is not a GPS device so you will expect to callibrate it every now and then. I have a couple of suggestions for people who are running out of batteries so quickly:

    do not use your running shoe for anything else. This is a suggestion for anyone who takes their run seriously.

    After you finish running, turn off the sensor (push the button in for about 3-4 seconds). I have diligently done that for probably 95% of my runs - might have forgotten to turn it off a few times. But the result shows. The problem is along as the shoe moves, the sensor transmits, regardless of whether a receiver is receiving anything.

    If you follow the above suggestions, you should get a pretty long life from the battery.

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    not for serious runners.

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    I'm sure this product is great for those people who only do a slow jog every once in a while, but for people like me who run more than 5 miles a day, this product is not worth the money.

    I recieved the nike+ system for christmas and was very excited to test it out. it worked great for about 3 weeks. once track season started, and i began training more vigorously, i began to notice the recorded distance and time of my runs was a bit off.

    finally, the battery completely died in the very beggining of february, after only about a month of using this product. i have yet to buy a replacement, and i'm still not sure whether the $20 is worth only a month of workouts.

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    Im on my 4th sensor in 1 year.

    • Written by from Mount Vernon

    The first sensor I got lasted about 6 months,
    second one a few weeks , I finally got good about turning it off completely when not running, the third sensor broke after a couple months, it didnt even give the low battery signal. Im about to get my 4th - havent given up yet.

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    • Written by from Warsaw

    14.56 use hours and the sensor is dead. When I applied for service 2 month after purchase, Apple said out of warranty, so I had to send in proof of purchase date. Must be alot of these sitting on shelves expiring. If you buy, KEEP YOUR RECEIPT!

    How about a replaceable battery? An inductive charger? A kinetic charge?

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    Very disappointed

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    I first used my Nike Sensor last week and loved it. However, after 4 runs (about five hours of use), the sensor battery is dead. Can you imagine?? Now I need to buy a new sensor. Technology is great.....when it works.

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    Good but, c'mon apple you can do better

    • Written by from POMPANO BEACH

    My battery lasted through over 1 years use and almost 500 miles. Not bad, I guess, especially compared to other reviews I have read. But I expect more from Apple than the way some of these other customers were treated. I also do not like the fact that the entire device is disposable. I should be able to return this to the store and purchase another one in person. Apple could then recycle this product. This product should also be functional with the i-phone. I run with my i-phone, why should I have to carry my nano?

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    Another one duped... my sensor died after one day

    • Written by from Burbank

    I had read the reviews and went ahead and bought a kit anyway. I was able to start it up and my iPod "found" my sensor. However, I didn't run that day and came back a week later ready to go, but nothing... I had even pulled the sensor from shoe to be safe and save the battery. I have tried putting it to "sleep" and waking it up, but my iPod doesn't detect the sensor. ;(

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    Very frustrating

    • Written by from Cicero

    After only 2 months and two weeks, and only 78 miles, my sensor died. I talked to the Genius at an Apple store and was told my sensor was out of warranty. How can that be? My husband bought this for me for Christmas and already no warranty. After talking to the customer service reps at a bunch of sporting goods stores I know I am not the only frustrated user. One shoe department manager told me she tells people not to waste their money on the product because she's had so many complaints. This is really a scam. I've bought another kit but, if this one dies quickly, I'm done. I'll spend my $30 on something else.

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    • Written by from Portland

    I have had for 1.5 mos, run 70 miles, and now have a dead sensor... Got the set from a retailer, and apple said that the unit is out of date. Without proof of purchase the warranty is void, problem is mine, all mine. Reading other reviews, I get the idea that this is a frequent problem.

    BTW, buying this unit comes with a hefty shipping fee, whereas the full set is shipped for free, leaving a $1 difference. Might as well get the full set if you are considering buying just the replacement sensor.

    Shouldn't this product should have a replaceable battery... how hard could it be? It would save a lot of plastic in disposing them, and would save people lots of frustration and time. It is just another way that Apple sticks it to their loyal customers.

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    What's Wrong With This Picture?

    • Written by from Beaverton

    I was given this product as a BD gift. I thought it was the greatest thing since sliced bread for tracking work outs. But that all ended after only 6 months of usage. It seems to me that the engineers for the battery life and those that design printer ink jet cartridges have to much in common. I suggest that someone go back to the drawing board and figure a redesign battery replacement for the end user.

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    Nike plus sensors. They may have a self life issue.

    • Written by from Los Angeles

    I have had nike+ for more than a year. The first sensor lasted for about a year or about 800 miles. I purchase a replacement (entire kit for $30) about 3 months ago. That sensor has died already and now I have to purchase another sensor or the whole kit because the sporting goods stores sell only the kit. Nike/apple should start label the kits as to the expected life of the part from the date of purchase. I love my devise as it is a real motivator but $30 every 3 - 5 months buying a sensor is a real bummer. Come on engineers you can do better than that. A small replacement battery would be wonderful idea.

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    sensor replacement

    • Written by from duluth

    Nike + ipod is a great product with one major flaw, but it has a simple fix. Just make the sensor with a replacable battery! I have spread the word about how great this product is, but how absurd that the battery lasts only about a year or less before you have to buy a whole new unit. I did try to buy the sensor only, but no apple stores carry it.By the time I pay shipping I only save $5 over the full kit price. Seems out of whack!

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    What a waste of money - shelling out $20 every year for a piece of plastic

    • Written by from San Francisco

    Same situation - bought the kit and liked it. What I did not like was that I had to replace the battery in the sensor right after the warranty expired.. $20 is WAY TOO STEEP for such a small piece of technology.

    That's a real scam and I'm done w/ this product. Apple and Nike should stand behind their products and make us feel good as customers..

    $5 would have been reasonable, $20 is not.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Love the nike+

    • Written by from Mahwah

    I got the nike+ for Christmas and I love it I can defiantly say I have ran farther and more since I have gotten the nike+. I think this is a great product. It is so easy to use you just plug the wireless receiver into your ipod and u are ready to run and at the end of your run you have how many miles you ran, how many calories burnt, what your pace was and your time. I am a nike+ costumer forever!!!!!!!

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    • Written by from Tulsa

    My first sensor needs to be replaced. I thought how could this be I've only done about 200 miles and in about 3 months?? I thought it said 1000 miles.. what the???

    While doing a little reading.. I saw that the senor actually detects movement.. so even when I wasn't actually "running" the sensor was still ON therefore using up precious battery power. So.. no more trips to the grocery store still in my running shoes. Hopefully it lasts longer the second go round!

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