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    Bad Battery

    • Written by from Greeley

    The Nike+ is an awesome accessory to any iPod, although, I have to say that the battery life in my sensor was nothing compared to what Apple said in the overview...

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    Awesome until it stopped working

    • Written by from Saint Helens

    I loved the Nike + iPod. I bought the Nike+ shoes. It was wonderful and then the device said the battery was low and stopped working. This was after about 200 miles. I went to a Nike store and bought a replacement sensor. It didn't work. I returned it for another sensor, it didn't work either. I bought my brother a Nike + iPod. His worked fine. I tried to use his with my sensor. It didn't work. I tried using his sensor with my unit. It didn't work.

    I finally broke down and bought a whole new unit. I hope I have better results with this unit. I am saving all my receipts.

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    Love it, but hate it.

    • Written by from Sartell

    I love this product, but I too am very annoyed by having to buy a whole new sensor every year. $29 for the entire kit, and $19 for the sensor alone is a little ridiculous. Come on Apple!!

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    Great for Ipod Touch

    • Written by from Baton Rouge

    I am glad to see that the transmitters work with the iPod Touch, way to go Apple! Now why can't I use it with my iPhone? Hmmm, isnt it the same hardware?

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    My battery is still good

    • Written by from TORONTO

    I'm surprised by the prevalence of short battery life stories. I used my kit from March to November 07. I wear different shoes in the winter and didn't bother to add the sensor. I've used it from March this year and still going. But I only use the shoes that have the sensor for running. One strange thing though. I have the sensor in a Marware pouch attached to the laces. When I switched it from a pair of Reeboks to Adidas, the distance data changed considerably. It always varied slightly depending on my pace but the shoe change created variances of 3-400 meters for the same run.

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    Great, but why not a green option

    • Written by from Beverly

    As many others have said, an excellent product in terms of integration with the Nike+ site, and a joy to use... except for the battery life. On the one hand, $20 a year isn't a bad deal to replace the sensor when the battery dies, but with car remotes lasting years, and with the stated goal to be a greener company, can't Apple do a little better than everyone tossing sensors into the rubbish every year? How about a sensor recycling program where we can drop off old sensors at our local Apple Stores?

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    Bloody battery!

    • Written by from Glebe

    My Nike+ page says I started running on 26 March; four months ago. And the Nike+ product got me running. That's the good news. The bad news is that I've gone through 3 of these sensors in that time. And I've only run 150k. Either the battery needs to have the ability to be replaced or there must be more life in the ones off the shelf!

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    A little frustrating...

    • Written by from Dana Point

    3 stars for sensor/5 stars for Nike+ system/kit!

    I can agree it is a little frustrating to have to replace the whole sensor - and not be able to easily find one when you walk into a Nike store or an Apple store...that is a little ridiculous. Mine died while I was in a competition for losing bodyfat so I wasn't as motivated to beat my past performances because I couldn't gauge my current performances without the sensor. I took time out of my schedule to go buy the replacement and couldn't find one...here I am several months later...

    Hopefully I won't have to recalibrate the new sensor either - that's a bit of a pain if you have to keep doing that...

    ****It would be helpful if the ON/OFF function on sensor was easier to use (I could never tell if it was on or off until after trying to walk with it).****

    On the PLUS side: the kit is a great motivating piece of equipment at a very reasonable price!

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    Give me a break

    • Written by from Tampa

    I can't believe all the whining about this product. I've had a few issues with the sensor, but no big deal. I had intermittent transmission the result of inserting gel insoles into my shoes, but an email (over the July 4th holiday) got me an answer from Nike in less than 24 hours so I would say the tech support is pretty good. You whiners will spend a hundred-plus bucks on a pair of shoes and then whine about replacing a sensor for 20 bucks every year. Maybe if you ran to Starbucks instead of driving, you'd save that money and have it to spend on your replacement sensor. As far as you tree huggers are concerned; how much carbon do you think it takes to manufacture a shoe? or running shorts? or a tee shirt? You should be running naked and barefoot with the Nike sensor taped to your feet. Just dispose of it as you would your flashlight's batteries.

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    Battery Life, sensor availability and data integration

    • Written by from Florence

    I've had two sensors since I purchased my nano kit two and a half years ago. The first one lasted nearly 18 months before I started getting the low battery signal. When I looked for a replacement sensor all I could find were the complete kits at $29.95. I purchased my second sensor in January this year and last weekend I could tell it was not accurately recording distance and sure enough the battery was already low. I have been using it more this year but 6 months seems pretty short for battery life. I am hoping that I can find a sensor at a retail outlet since paying shipping will bring the price of an on-line purchase to within a couple of bucks of the entire kit at my local Best Buy. Another aspect of the short battery life that is irritating. Maybe there is a way around this, but each sensor creates its own log in my itunes library. I see no way of combining the data from both (all) sensors into the database.
    I enjoy using the nike plus but this sensor replacement issue could have been engineered better.

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    Battery dies early but Apple steps up !

    • Written by from Ramona

    My experience with the sensor has been pretty bad. I bought my first kit in October, '07 and the sensor was dead by February, '08. Apple sent me a new one under warranty and it died in May. Now, they have warrantied me again and hopefully, I'll make it the 5 months remaining until my one year anniversary purchase date in October '08. Sure, this unit is weaker than advertised but Apple has been stellar standing behind it. Just be sure to register the kit when you buy it and then just call Apple support if/when it falls short. You will have a new one in 2 biz days ! The more folks that do this, the better the product will become, or the shorter the warranty ;)

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    Short Battery Life on Sensor

    • Written by

    Like most of the other people have contested, the sensor does not last long. I'm already needing to replace mine only after 173 mi/ 27 hours. The manual said it should last around "1,000 active hours". I wear my shoes only for running and do not wear them any other time. The positive side is that it has really helped me in my training. Great way to keep track of progress made.

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    Good but, c'mon apple you can do better

    • Written by from POMPANO BEACH

    My battery lasted through over 1 years use and almost 500 miles. Not bad, I guess, especially compared to other reviews I have read. But I expect more from Apple than the way some of these other customers were treated. I also do not like the fact that the entire device is disposable. I should be able to return this to the store and purchase another one in person. Apple could then recycle this product. This product should also be functional with the i-phone. I run with my i-phone, why should I have to carry my nano?

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars


    • Written by from Tulsa

    My first sensor needs to be replaced. I thought how could this be I've only done about 200 miles and in about 3 months?? I thought it said 1000 miles.. what the???

    While doing a little reading.. I saw that the senor actually detects movement.. so even when I wasn't actually "running" the sensor was still ON therefore using up precious battery power. So.. no more trips to the grocery store still in my running shoes. Hopefully it lasts longer the second go round!

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    Sensor died after 2 1/2 months!

    • Written by from Needham

    I love the Nike + iPod system; it's awesome. Unfortunately, my sensor battery died after just 2.5 months. I'm buying a new one, but not happy about it. If it dies again after a short period, I think I'll have to say goodbye to the whole system. C'mon Nike! Get a better sensor!

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Only 3 months on battery life

    • Written by from Hoover

    I've loved using the product, but it's dead after only 3 months. I sure wish I had the guy's luck who wrote about it lasting for an entire year, b/c I've only gotten 3 months out of it!

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    A bit screwy

    • Written by from Auckland

    Can sometimes be annoying because it doesn't count properly.

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    Needed this a month ago...

    • Written by from Richfield

    This is a great product, but a little advertising would have been nice. A month ago I needed a sensor and had to buy the entire kit. I would have much rather bought just the sensor. This should have been out since the kits started selling.

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