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    Why oh Why are the adapter leads so short ? and who designs these things ?

    • Written by from Southampton

    Apple ! You state in your blurb that the design is the important thing ! Well ok most Apple stuff is well above the norm BUT why do you persist in chucking out adapter leads that are far too short and why are they so expensive ? Most have about 6 cms of flex between the two plugs. Any good electrical engineer knows about cable strain relief. This allows the plugs to stay put when the cable moves a little. Thus preventing un-necessary disconnections let alone the strain on the delicate terminations within the connected plugs and sockets. Surely it's not going to break your bank by supplying an little more cable. It's not a lot to request that you do it correctly and try it out before you throw this stuff onto the market.

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    I hate this thing

    • Written by from Saint Paul

    The connections are too loose and the DVI adaptor cable is too rigid and too short so I'm constantly fiddling with the connections to keep the signal going to the monitor. A sneeze or a pin drop or sometimes nothing at all is enough to break the video connection and it can be very difficult to get back.

    Whoever at apple invented this thing and the lame 30 pin connector should be demoted or fired. It is not a reliable connection at all.

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    mini-dvi's are not all equal

    • Written by from Ann Arbor

    I give two thumbs down to Apple for making such a ridiculous number of ports and adaptors. I got this cable and dodged the first bullet, which was connecting it to the DVI cable on my monitor. BUT, the mini-dvi end does not work on my MacPro. APPLE has two different kinds of mini-dvi ports!

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    DVI is a DVI is a DVI ... NOT!!!

    • Written by from Kenilworth

    The packaging on this product says, "Mini-DVI to DVI adapter". So, you'd think that means you can connect it to a DVI cable or device, right? Wrong-o, incompatibility breath. The DVI connector (female) consists of a grid of holes and a flat blade opening, but that blade opening is too narrow to accommodate the wider pin blade found on some other DVI items, such as, by golly, the Apple-branded DVI-to-VGA cable!

    Another commenter on this page mentioned that DVI has variations, but such subtleties are ***NOWHERE* to be found in the labeling on the package for this cable.

    So, one Apple DVI cable (male) cannot connect to another Apple DVI cable (female)!!!! And there is nothing on the packaging that warns you? What the hey, Apple?

    What REALLY ticks me off is that I bought this at the Apple Store (Old Orchard, IL) where TWO different Apple people told me that this cable is just what I needed so as to provide the flexibility of either mini-DVI to DVI (with this cable alone) or mini-DVI to VGA (in conjunction with the DVI-to-VGA cable I already had). Grrrrrr!

    Now another hour wasted going back to the Apple Store to return this cable.

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    Why oh why are the cables so short??

    • Written by

    This item would be just fine to connect my Mac book to my tv with the normal sized DVI D on it only the cable is so ridiculously short! How can it fit from TV to macbook with no more than 4 inches? Usually Apple thinks of ways to make things easier but somehow here they are just silly. And why isnt there at least the option for a longer cable?

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    Mini-DVI to DVI adapter needs thumscrews

    • Written by from Ann Arbor

    The design of the mini-DVI to DVI adapter is seriously flawed. A direct DVI connector has thumscrews to maintain a tight connection. The mini-DVI adapter tries to rely on friction alone to hold it in place. However, if the computer is placed near the rear edge of a desk, the weight of the cable will cause the mini-DVI connection to become partially or completely disconnected. It would be good if Apple or a third-party would produce an adapter that would stay connected.

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    Biggest piece of junk ever created

    • Written by from northbridge

    The old Macbook pro DVI-I interface was AWESOME it "just worked" every time with both analogue and digital. Now I have to spend an extra $45 on this thing that only gives you digital and wont fit integrated DVI cables even if you only need the digital from them. On top of that whenever I connect my screen after going out to get a DVI-D cable it takes MUCH longer to swithc to dual monitors and is far less reliable after the switch.

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    PITA, Apple part again..

    • Written by from rochester

    Well I wanted to break out of my MacBook and purchase only 1 adapter to break out with and allow me to use for an external monitor. So, I chose the mini-DVI to DVI and if I needed to convert to SVGA I could use the typical adapter I use with all other computers I might hook up to my HDTV. Well, Apple does not like efficient functionality as much as mutiple revenues of each of there little typically non-standard trinkets! The trouble I encountered is that the DVI side does not match the 4 little pins at the ground side(large flat pin) of the connector. They have filled that with plastic to inhibit this connection. This facilitates the need to buy the official SVGA connector to break out in this manner. simply, annoying.

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    Why can't Apple standardize their ports?

    • Written by from Caldwell

    This is the 2nd time I've bought the wrong adapter. If Apple is going to use their own proprietary ports, the least they can do is make all their own products the same silly proprietary port.

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    Doesn't Stay Connected

    • Written by from San Diego

    It's white. It's pretty. But it doesn't stay connected. What's the deal?

    Apparently, it was designed by the same geniuses that came up with the connection for the power supplies.

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    too short!

    • Written by from copenhagen

    this cable is way too short to be useful

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    Misleading selling by Apple

    • Written by from BANBURY

    I purchased this to connect it to a DVI monitor (previously connected to our X-serve); the purpose for which it is advertised. As supplied It does not fulfil that purpose.

    The monitor has a DVI connector. That connector does not fit the adaptor. There are four pins in the connector that the adaptor has no corresponding holes for. From subsequent web research it seems these pins are for VGA signal. I know they aren't required, but they're there and I don't want to cut them out!

    Apple should say the adaptor will not fit most DVI connector equipped screens unless you either cut away those pins or drill extra holes in the adaptor. Currently I'm £14 down on the purchase of the adaptor and unable to connect my screen. No apology from Apple!

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    I'm a Mac, but buying cables to match is exhausting

    • Written by from FAYETTEVILLE

    Really, my MacBook is the best computer I've ever bought, but buying cables to connect to my Sony Bravia TV is exhausting. I've now bought three different configurations to make this happen and none of them work, and I've been in IT for over 4 years.

    Bottom Line: Mac--just let us know the exact model of computers that your cables work with and what they do. If someone has a MacBook, and they want to hook their computer up to a TV, let them know what they need to buy "exactly" to make that happen. Like the following:

    1. Computer Type: MacBook (Model#) 2. Specific Function: Connect to TV (HDMI) 3. Cables Needed: DVI to DVI (Model #) to DVI to HDMI (Model #)--Just an example

    I expect better service from the easiest to use computers in the world. Is that too muck to ask? Does anyone at Mac read these reviews and fix anything? It's 12 DEC 2009, lets see if they actually do what their customers need.

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    I'd give it a zero

    • Written by from Banja Luka

    First of all, I did NOT buy the wrong adapter. This is the only Apple solution for getting graphics out of iMac to my HDTV (via DVI - HDMI cable, of course). Apple, do you realize how ugly, bulky and loose it looks like at the rear side of my iMac now? Seriously, for $19, you could at least make a LITTLE longer version of it (at least not to get stuck in the cable hole), or (better yet) provide an option of mini-DVI to HDMI. You're losing it big time, lately.

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    Beware it's a DVI-D female adapter

    • Written by from MILTON KEYNES

    So looking forward to plugging my new iMac Mini into my Benq2200HD LCD monitor via the DVI-D input on the back but...

    The supplied adapter from Apple is a female connecter and the Benq is also female so no sweet music tonight. Quite miffed. Can't find a male DVI-D adapter in the Apple store so don't know what to do? I also can't find a DVI-D male-to-female gender bender anywhere on the web.Probably need to go buy a mini-DVI to HDMI adapter and throw this one in the bin. So a trip to my local Apple store tomorrow morning with cables in tow to see what options I have.

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    • Written by from Middletown

    I purchased this cable so that I could connect my MacbookPro to my 21" DVI monitor. The cable is only 5" long, which renders it physically useless as a cable needed to connect the two. I did not see the length of the cable in the description, but I just don't understand how this could be used without a cable extender, which I don't see on this web site. I am sure this cable has a purpose, but I can't find one at the moment.

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    Doesn't fit.

    • Written by from Hope

    I bought this for my 12" Powerbook G4 as per the information on the website. I will now have to buy the Micro-DVI. It is hardly worth returning a $25. item with the costs involved. The information should link to the Micro-DVI site to ensure a better choice.

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    Fragile construction

    • Written by

    Did not work more than 6 months. Color shift most of the time. Fragile construction.

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    I can't get anything to show up besides desktop

    • Written by from De Forest

    Bought one and the adapter, plugged it in between my iMAC and LCD TV (2008), and all I get is my desktop picture.
    Nothing else. What gives?

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    Wont work

    • Written by from Chapel-en-le-frith

    Bought one, plugged it in to my tele all i can get is the screen saver.
    Anyone any ideas please.

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