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    Great except for one major flaw.

    • Written by from Ile-Bizard

    I bought this even though Logitech chose the simpler layout profile. The reasoning is simple, to play games with a SNES layout. Not many games will support the full layout as Apple requires developers to support touch even if the game is meant to be played on a controller. This limits the amount of touch surfaces (thus buttons) to be usable in a tiny screen real estate. So the SNES layout makes a lot more sense to me as a developer and a gamer that plays casual/arcade games on the phone.

    The one flaw I have (which some reviews are experiencing as well) is that the d-pad doesn't recognize light presses. Sometimes, d-pad presses are not recognized at all, which is really frustrating. I've posted on Logitech's forum about this and it seems like it's a faulty unit. Will try a replacement in-store and see how it goes. Will add a follow-up review if things change.

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