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    Works like you'd expect; expensive but long enough :)

    • Written by from Toronto

    The end you plug in is a bit odd shaped, but it gets the job done. Admittedly I've never jerked around or tripped on the cable so I can't attest to its strength beyond that it works great with a projector near my ceiling.

    It's main limitation is that for $60 you'd expect the cable to do everything an HDMI cable can, but while I've managed to get it to play back 3D content (I'm still not sure how if it doesn't officially support it) it likely won't play back 4K content as it doesn't explicitly say HDMI 1.4a UHD support. Either way, HDMI v2 isn't out yet, so it's a good buy if you're at the Apple store and know you need a long HDMI cable. :)

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