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    Fitbit Zip is great, BUT there ARE flaws

    • Written by from Arlington

    Our family owns the Fitbit Zip, Fitbit Scale, and wrist monitor for a year. Fitbit has helped us loose and maintain our weight lose for a year, so it is beneficial. I love the Fitbit Zip. The monitor is fun to read and motivating.

    But, things can and do go wrong.

    My first Fitbit Zip was always accurate. Unfortunately, I lost it, so I purchased another one. The most annoying issue that I have with the Fitbit Zip is, while Fitbit Zip will give accurate readings and others will give inaccurate readings... sigh. There is no way of correcting it. So be prepared to contact Fitbit immediately if your Fitbit product starts giving you inaccurate readings!

    Second, no matter how good your habits are, Fitbit Zip are SMALL and very easy to lose. The clip on the casing is small and the rubber casing is very flexible, so your Fitbit Zip can fall off OR out of the rubber casing. You must make sure that it is secure no matter what you doing...walking, biking, running or exercising.

    Again, I love Fitbit Zip! The benefits far exceed the cost.

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