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    Don't bother

    • Written by from Wollongong

    Liked the idea of this - Li-Ion, convenient and quick to recharge, and from reputable dealer (apple), got to be good right? Wrong.
    I received the first one, wouldn't charge past 20% & died within a few minute's use. Apple replaced - the second one I charged overnight on wall charger. Managed to get to 73% of full charge, and didn't last an afternoon.

    1 star is over-rated, as this purchase cost me time with support phone calls & finally organising refund, but apple won't let me give it the 0 it deserves - if you're considering purchasing don't bother. Apple, either get the supplier to get some quality control in place or ditch this product from your site.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars


    • Written by from Sydney

    Charged it for a few hours and trackpad wouldn't turn on.

    Put the batteries back in and charged it again for 2 days.

    Woo hoo! This time the trackpad turns on... Bluetooth stats window says 87% charged (after 2 days charge) and it is dead as disco about 3 hours later. I'd leave it plugged in, but it takes so long to charge that it seems to use the batteries faster than it can charge them.

    Massive waste of money.

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    Mobee, we have a problem

    • Written by from Perth

    I bought one for my trackpad in 2012. Works brilliantly. Battery life quite long. So good (5 stars) that I ordered one for my keyboard. That didn't work from the outset. OK, I can forgive an occasional problem. Got a replacement. Same problem -just doesn't charge and therefore can't be used even if you have the USB connected to power. This suggests a dud bunch. Wait until someone writes a review in July 2013 or later that suggests the problem has been solved.

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