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    • Written by from Cambridge

    I saw this in the Apple store last fall and thought that it would be helpful as my sleep patterns are very erratic. So I was pretty happy when I opened a Christmas present and found this.

    I used it for a three week trial and was given the same result each time. They did give suggestions on helping to improve my sleep patterns. You are only given one 7 day trial for free. So I registered my wife and she also did the 7 day trial, then my 18 year old daughter did as well. What was interesting is that all three of us pretty much received the same summary (other than a few word changes) and let me tell you my wife and daughter sleep far better than I do.

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    Interesting but limited

    • Written by from Thornhill

    I've used my Lark for three months now. It was an interesting purchase, but the frustrations have now outweighed the novelty. I think I'll toss it and wait for the next generation of sleep monitors.

    Alarm: and snooze work reliably without waking anyone else.

    Stats: it's good for tracking my average amount of sleep, but the value of the other measures is questionable because it is based on movement. For example, if I lie awake for awhile but don't move, it counts that as falling asleep right away. Also, I'm not sure how reliable movement is as a proxy measure for how deep I'm sleeping - and that's really what I want to know.

    Upgrades: it would be great to be able to do more with it, but it seems that they are not putting any resources into further development at this stage. Maybe they're putting all their efforts into the Larklife product?

    Support: it's been a little glitchy, and I get the feeling that they are minimizing the resources on post-purchase support, to maximize the profits on a soon-to-be-obsolete product.

    Control: You can't download your stats, they have them all on their server. This is really irritating as I can't adjust incorrect stats, evaluate the numbers on my own, or delete their copy of my stats. Also, this morning it won't let me into my account, so I've essentially lost all my data for the last three months, and I'm at their mercy.

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    Already Doesn't Work

    • Written by from Woburn

    I bought two of these a week ago. One for my boyfriend (since he wakes up 2 1/2 hours earlier than I do) and one for me (to track my quality of sleep and wake me up more gently). We both have followed the directions as far as charging them before the first use, and then charging them all day, and both of ours have already failed to go off in the morning. My boyfriends failed the third day, mine the fifth. Luckily it has a noise feature if you don't snooze within two minutes, but still, I'd expect the wristband to work for more than a week... Cool concept, but they're going back tonight.

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