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    Deep pockets?

    • Written by from Fort Smith

    Hype...that's the word. Step on a plane and most of the well-heeled folks up front will be wearing these like some kind of status badge.....
    But....hear this folks....deaden the sound of the jet rumble - YES. Sound out the frequent turbulence announcements - NO, block out screaming kids - NO.
    Now then, foam earplugs do all of the above, for $1
    Want to listen to some quality music reproduction (sorry iPhone/iPod users, you're missing out...unless you are 'pre-amped out' to a DAC/Amp) then forget these and invest in some quality earuds/cans and hear music as it was meant to be heard, NOT Bose style...muddy, ill defined bass, no midrange and recessed treble....music for the masses, oh well......

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    They do not last.

    • Written by from Fresno

    I'm on my third set - the leather around the ear pad separates and the battery compartment latch is frail and will break with substantial use.

    I will no longer by Bose products due to poor manufacturing.

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    broken less than one year

    • Written by from Washington

    For 300 dollars you would think they would last for more than a year.

    These were my favorite headphones. They are comfortable and the sound quality is fantastic. BUT they are useless when the sounds stops out of one side...

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    • Written by

    These earphones stink Dr dre beats are so much better

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    Perfect, with a fatal

    • Written by from Indianapolis

    This earphone is perfect, and I was extremely proud of my thanksgiving deal until this evening my friend tried and said: why your earphone leaks sound?

    And I asked her to put it on and turn on the music and I could instantly hear what she was listening to, with a 1 meter distance.

    And then I got disappointed with this earphone because anyway it is 321 dollars and such an expensive earphone was not expected to leak so loud sound...

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    Utter rubbish

    • Written by from Cardiff

    For the money I spent on these puppies I could have gone to the Bahamas!

    Fortunately managed to sell on ebay and then bought the Bowers & Wilkins....absolute class.

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