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    Need improvement

    • Written by from Epping

    Other inductive charging solutions (for phones) magnetically locate the inductive coil in the phone, to the one in the charger pad. The magic charger really needs something like thing, as if the mouse if not aligned properly, it'll take significantly longer to charge.

    The reduced capacity of the batteries is an issue. Really you need to stick the mouse on the pad every night, and if you forget a couple of nights in the row, you're back to the AA's.

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    Drawing too much power? I'm not brave enough to experiment.

    • Written by from San Jose

    I just bought this yesterday. Plugged it in, played around, seemed to be working fine. It wasn't fully charged of course, so I left the mouse on the charging pad overnight and this morning I had the following warning on my screen:

    Because a USB device was drawing too much power from your computer, one or more of your USB devices have been disabled.

    The only thing plugged into my computer was my apple keyboard, my 2nd gen ipad and the the Mobee Magic Charger. This was the new device. I don't know if this was a fluke or if this device is faulty. There's tiny type that says drawing too much power can damage your computer. I really can't afford to have this break my computer, so back it will go...

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    Flawed design but still useful

    • Written by from Rothley

    I have used this for almost a year now. I experienced the same initial problem as others have expressed in that the battery pack did not fit correctly. Mine required some modification before it made a suitable connection to power the mouse.

    I also have seen the issue about not reporting correct battery level. The documentation does explain that the level will not reach 100% (completely understandable, different cell chemistry), but I did not find any explanation that you need to switch the mouse off during/after recharging to ensure the correct level is reported back to the O/S.

    I found both the above to be easily worked around, but they suggest a poor design not up to the typical apple standard.

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    Convenient but issues....

    • Written by from Beachwood

    So i waited a year before getting this product to make sure and read some great reviews. Now that I have it I do love the fact that I don't have to worry about batteries but at the same time, It only charges the mouth to 80% no matter how many different things i try. I have ran the battery out completely and recharged it. I have also shut the mouse off at night so it would charge over night, and still only ever gets to 80%. Happy with this? Yes I am please with the product. Disappointed? Yes I am also not to impressed on the charge it holds only after I bought it brand new. Love the good, Deal with the Bad...

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    Think before you buy

    • Written by from 香港

    I need to charge the product more than I think. When the message of battery out sign box appear, magic mouse turn out very quickly, so need to charge immediately & the charging time needs sometimes, it causes inconvenient when you are in a hurry.

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    Don't forget to charge it everyday!!

    • Written by from Vicksburg

    Full charge was holding fine for first few weeks, but now (after about 2 months of use) I need to charge it every second or third day.

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    OK, but...

    • Written by from Vancouver

    This seems to work as advertised, but when I charge it on the base unit, hook it up to my MacBook pro and click the mouse on system preferences, it gives my a charge of just 82%. It was sitting on there for at least 12 hours, the light on the base unit was solid and not blinking so I am just wondering why I don't see a charge of 100%??

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    Beware inserting the battery pack

    • Written by from MITCHAM

    And then there is the fitting of the battery and the catch. Be warned and be careful. The design or manufacture got it wrong by an important millimetre or so. The standard mouse little black sliding catch is 3 mm wide along the long axis of the mouse, and T shaped. The small folded and angled lip on the battery cover plate overlaps the catch by barely a millimetre, just enough so that the angle barely contacts the edge of the latch, and pushes the black latch as the silver latch plate is pushed down, until the edge of the silver folded lip slips under the top lip of the T shaped black latch.

    On the Mobee, when the battery pack is first dropped into place, the small silver folded tang on the cover plate overhangs the sliding black T shaped latch by 2 millimetres, i.e just a little too much, so instead of the angled face of the silver tang, sitting against the edge of the latch, so that with normal pressure applied, the latch slides along and away from the tang, the bottom lip of the tang tends to sit on top of the latch, and the result is pressure forces the latch down and not away.

    The trick then is to push the plate gently towards the laser end so that the engagement lip that end fully seats. A very gentle bit of pressure to get the cover plate to bow ever so slightly helps too.

    It is VERY easy to get it wrong, and distort the plastic bits. The cause may be the seating of the lip on the laser end, just not quite engaging enough. An illustration of manufacturing tolerances perhaps. Near enough is not actually quite good enough. Having played around with it for a while, it may be that the tight fit on the laser end may yield a bit, so the engagement problem may settle down a bit over time. Maybe.

    On the plus side it does seem a tad lighter than the same mouse with normal batteries.

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    Magic Mouse Batteries to heavy?

    • Written by from Cham

    I work as a video editor since more than ten years and never had problems with my hands. Since a month I got the new Magic Mouse and since nearly two weeks my right hand wrist starts hurting. I didn't change at all the way i work... is it because the Magic Mouse is to heavy that i got this pain? I'm afraid I'm right...

    I'll get a Mobee Magic Charger with the other batterie set (a bit lighter) and hope that it will improve my workflow. I like the mouse, but if it doesn't work I definitely have to look for other products or providers.

    Why is the Mobee Magic Charger working with rechargeable batteries and not with an accumulator cell/batterie like each computer do? This would be much lighter i guess...

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    Needs tweeking

    • Written by from Doonside

    I had the same issue as a lot of people where my battery pack charged fine but no power was getting to the mouse. Would like to thank the customer review from "Cardiff" who recommended bending the solo prong down slightly, it worked like a charm from then. Thanks Cardiff!

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    its okay...

    • Written by from Calgary

    i just got this product yesterday and i am not impressed at the fact that i cant charge my batteries without having the computer on all night. for 50$, its kinda stupid but i found one of the phone chargers for the iphone and all i did was replace the iphone cable with the magic charger (coz both of them use usb ports) and so far, the light is blinking and i think it works fine. as for putting the battery in and taking it out, i did not have a problem...

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    Im not 100% sure

    • Written by from Saginaw

    I just bought this The pointer speed is terrable IDK I perfer the bateries

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    Don't put it on base of the iMac

    • Written by from OXFORD

    A good product but weeks of frustration (thinking my device had suddenly failed) could have been avoided if the manufacturers/vendors had highlighted in BIG LETTERS that you MUST NOT put the charging unit on the base plate of the iMac (ie just under the screen). Because if you do, it will NOT CHARGE.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Good with room for improvement.

    • Written by from Atlanta

    The idea for a charging pad for your wireless mouse is great. The Mobee system is easy to setup. It has some drawbacks dough. First, the battery life for their rechargeable battery is really short, they could have done something better. And secondly, the construction of the devise is very cheap for what you pay. Knock off $20 bucks and you are at the right spot.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Doesn't last long enough

    • Written by from Kingston Upon Thames

    If you don't charge the mouse every time your not using it, the battery will run out in one or two days. Also the battery level indicator is not very accurate. Generally, it goes from around a 100% to 40% and then to 6% at which point you have minutes before the battery will run out. Also make sure you turn the mouse of before you charge it or it doesn't charge. The battery level will remain at the same level.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    A so-so product for a great product

    • Written by from Austin

    I love my Magic Mouse. I am not as thrilled with the rechargeable battery pack. For some reason the battery pack doesn't stay clipped into my mouse.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Works great when it works. When it doesn't, contact Mobee.

    • Written by from Arcadia

    I had my Mobee Charger since it was released (about 6-7 weeks). Initially, it worked great. It would charge without issues and my Magic Mouse stayed connected. At about 4 weeks, I started having issues with the mouse disconnecting. This problem became more frequent until then it would not even charge correctly. I contacted Mobee and they agreed that I had a defective product. They promptly replaced it (kudos to them), and so far it has worked well for the past week or so. Let's hope I just got unlucky and that this replacement will continue to work well.

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