What is the range of this product?

QA AirPort Extreme Base Station

QA AirPort Extreme Base Station

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    Well... it depends. Away from any sources of interference you could get a range in the hundreds of feet. In an urban setting with other wireless networks, microwave ovens, cordless phones the effective range will be decreased. Walls and other barriers decrease range depending on their metal content (ie, aluminum siding block more than vinyl siding).

    If your primary concern is maximum range, there are other wireless base stations with external antennas or even add-on antennas which may have an edge over Airport. Three features that make the AEBS stand out are the ease of setup/configuration, sharing of printers and hard drives over the network (for backup or sharing), and simultaneous wi-fi signals so older devices won't slow down newer, faster ones. One more thing - you can turn on a separate guest signal for internet-only access, keeping your password-protected network secure.

  • This varies depending on a variety of factors. Here are just a few...

    How many wifi networks are around?
    How dense are the networks around?
    What kind of walls/siding is the signal going though?

    I have read tests of 350 feet with direct line of sight, however this is very unlikely that you will have direct line of slight in typical use.