What is the best way to clean / remove grease from a MacBook Pro keyboard?

I'm a student, so I spend a lot of time typing up notes, etc. on my keyboard. If I know that I'm going to be sitting down and using the keyboard a lot, I wash or sanitize my hands prior to doing so. Even after doing so, my fingers seem to impart some sort of grease onto the keys. I've tried a keyboard cover, but the grease seems to seep through, and I miss the responsiveness of the keys that I have sans-cover, so for me, that hasn't proven a very effective method of maintaining a clean keyboard.

Long story short: what is the best and safest way to clean a MBP keyboard? I'm concerned about possible liquid damage from using spray cleaners, etc.

Keep It Clean Anti-Bacterial Keyboard Cleaning System

Keep It Clean Anti-Bacterial Keyboard Cleaning System

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