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I have a new apartment. The incoming internet connection is in my closet. Will the connection being in a closet cut down the range for me? My unit is 1000 square feet. Will my whole unit get a good connection from inside a closed closet?

QA AirPort Extreme Base Station

QA AirPort Extreme Base Station

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    It will probably be all right, as it shouldn't have much trouble covering 1,000 sq ft. Try it and see. If you're not happy, simply use a longer Ethernet cable to the Extreme from your modem and push the Extreme out into the room, perhaps on the ceiling or at a decent height on a wall. (The Apple Store online sells a nice wall/ceiling mount; not found in most stores.) Try to avoid forcing the signal through things that tend to interfere with a WiFi signal. Locating it at some height helps you to avoid things like stainless in a kitchen and porcelain in a bath.

  • I'd run a network cable to the top of the closet or out of it and as high as possible and mount the AE near the ceiling for maximum range. Apple list it as 150ft unobstructed, but any walls etc will cut a lot off. You might need to invest in an Airport Express to relay your network to the furthest end of your unit.