is it compatible with a PC and virtual dj

Vestax Spin DJ USB Controller

Vestax Spin DJ USB Controller

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    I believe it will only work on pc. Although I have the spin software, I installed virtualdj and was not able to map it to the software. I've had no luck with my search for a solution. At this point I'd have to say its not compatible with virtualdj.

  • Apparently it is compatible:
    if you google this phrase: "[ENG] Vestax VCI-300/Typhoon/Spin audio setup on Virtual DJ 6"
    you will be sent to a link that shows instructions. I guess if you have any problems or need solutions you can probably email spin at

  • Spin is a USB device that sends MIDI events, so it should work with a PC, providing that your software has MIDI Learn capability.

  • Spin can be used only with Mac. If you can do the MIDI mapping on Virtula DJ, I think that you can control Virtual DJ with spin.

  • nope, u should buy an Apple Computer and get djay software. It's great for starter DJ's

  • Negative. Buy a Mac.

  • No. As noted in the product description immediately above, it requires Mac OS X v10.4 or later.