How well does this work with Photoshop? And Dual screens...?

Is the trackpad sensitive enough to us as something in between a mouse and a graphics tablet? Also how well does it work for spanning over a dual screen set up?

  • Asked by Ben S
  • 17/08/2010
Magic Trackpad

Magic Trackpad

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    I do not know how well it works with Photoshop, but I imagine it works very well. I have my Magic Trackpad set up with dual screens and it works great, just as well as any other mouse. I really like the Magic Trackpad, and I previously owned the Mighty Mouse and the Magic Mouse. Out of the three the Magic Trackpad is the best by far and I really recommend getting it.

    • Answered by Alex L from Philadelphia
    • 20/08/2010
  • I use the Trackpad with 6 screens. It takes less than one second to go from screen 1 to 6 or vice versa. A mouse was 2-3 seconds. Huge difference, changed my life!
    Can't speak for photoshop but as for functions it's very easy to use.

    • Answered by Thomas E
    • 22/09/2010