How quiet is this drive, really?

Western Digital 2TB My Book Studio Edition II

Western Digital 2TB My Book Studio Edition II

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  • Firstly, background on my set-up & usage:
    Mid-Jan.2012 I bought the 6 TB model for £350, and set-up in HFS+ RAID1 mirrored mode on my Mac using the very simple software provided, then moved to my Time Capsule's USB2 port for media data storage and retrieval access (i.e. not for wireless backups, as the TC is backing-up my laptops non-media data for me in the background already) over my wireless network.

    Noise on my unit is pretty low, but not absolutely nothing. It does click a very little bit on writing actions (saving/transferring data onto it), but my perceptions are it is very slight.
    Of course noise is a VERY important consideration when buying for most users, but different people have different perceptions on noise, so as ever 'your mileage may vary' between one user being happy and another not. However I'd suggest for most people this would be fine, so like every product, simply test this unit and see if your happy, but personally I am.

    As of Jan 2012, given the cost (and storage cost per GB of under 6 pence!), so far this has been a very good option for me so far.

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    Just picked up the drive today at my local Apple Store. It is quiet, especially when compared to my previous edition single drive My Book. Given that it's two drives, it's very quiet with very little vibration.

  • Very quiet, I have one in the lounge as a media server and never hear it

  • I have the 3TB version, and it's not quiet at all. Relative to other brands at 3TB capacity, it's really really loud. I wouldn't buy it again for this one reason.