does magic mouse work with the new Ipad?

  • Asked by Cameron S from Land O' Lakes
  • 13/03/2010
Apple Magic Mouse

Apple Magic Mouse

Product No Longer Available

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    Apple better come up with one soon. For business/productivity use (ex. Spreadsheets) and for remote connect to a desktop a mouse would be great. Otherwise the iPad is great. The last missing link in making it a true business capable machine.

    • Answered by Steven B from Edmonton
    • 28/08/2010
  • The iPad does not support any kind of mouse.

    • Answered by Rachel B
    • 24/09/2010
  • No. The iPad has no GUI mouse functionality but the blue tooth Apple keyboard works nicely with apps which allow text entry.

    Try one.

    • Answered by Greg M from Orlando
    • 23/06/2010
  • I believe that if there is a sane argument for the bluetooth keyboard as posted above it should account for the mouse as well. The Ipad also comes with a build in keyboard, which should eliminate the need for a keyboard. Get into the zone Apple and fix this ASP. A mouse is far more precise than my big finger.
    I love the ipad for work because of the small weight and volume, and the long batterytime and would love to have the extra feature that a mouse would bring to it

    • Answered by Christian C
    • 28/06/2011
  • While anything is possible, I strongly doubt it, as this would require having a mouse pointer on the iPad screen. Apple would have also announced this if it was the case.

    • Answered by Salvatore C from Brooklyn
    • 13/03/2010
  • The iPad doesn't have an on screen pointer to control, so the no mouse works with it. This includes the Magic Mouse. The ideal keyboard is probably the keyboard dock as it positions the screen to it is easy to move between the keyboard and touching the display (though the iPad has to be connected "portrait style").

    • Answered by Jeremy C from Plymouth
    • 17/08/2010
  • I tried it and it never paired up ... very frustrating

    • Answered by Kevin C from Atlanta
    • 19/04/2010
  • No. As of now, the iPad is not compatible with mice.

    • Answered by Claudia T from Skokie
    • 01/08/2010
  • I'm a little annoyed because the Apple employee who sold me keyboard and mouse asssured me that both worked. Keyboard works great, the mouse is a $70 paperweight.

    • Answered by Michael S from Baltimore
    • 19/03/2012
  • No , It can use only Bluetooth Keyboard or iPad Keyboard dock.

    • Answered by Thas V from La Puente
    • 25/03/2011
  • No it does not becuse a ipad is a touchscreen so you dont need one and what is the point of it. I would love to have a mouse to do that but sadly it does not :(

    • Answered by Frederick J from Charleston
    • 21/01/2012
  • Nope it's not but I hope someday it will.. And if that happens it will be like a powerful mini computer and I know it will gonna be awesome

    • Answered by Geno Paulo B from Caloocan
    • 09/03/2013
  • The iPad does not use a cursor so the Magic Mouse does isn't compatible.

    • Answered by Anand S from Canberra
    • 03/01/2012
  • The iOS devices do not have a cursor on-screen, thus a mouse cannot be used. These devices do have an "insertion point", but this is not a cursor.

    • Answered by Pierre V from Gansevoort
    • 26/12/2012
  • Well because the iPad is touch screen, so naturally there wouldnt be a curser for the mouse to move around. The iPad can detect the Keyboard because you can type on iPad.

    • Answered by Andy K from Rockville
    • 07/03/2011
  • It'll never work because there is no mouse pointer on the iPads screen

    • Answered by Aaron B from Port Macquare
    • 17/01/2012
  • No, there is no curser to move on an iPad .

    • Answered by Joyce D
    • 19/04/2014
  • It would be nice for the mouse to work and then i can use it for my Virtual windows machine. It would take the ipad to the next level. I would not have to bring a full size laptop anywhere. mini keyboard and mouse.

    • Answered by Mike M from Hamilton
    • 27/08/2014
  • No

    • Answered by Tommy Ding Wee T from Bintulu
    • 17/08/2014
  • No because iPad is a tablet not a laptop or computer

    • Answered by Gurminder K
    • 08/02/2012