Does magic mouse right click?

Does magic mouse right click? If so - how?

  • Asked by Janine S
  • 17/02/2011
Apple Magic Mouse

Apple Magic Mouse

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    Yes. You can either hold down the Control Key and click on whatever you'd like to right-click...


    Go to System Preferences --> Mouse --> Enable Secondary Click

    • Answered by Conor J
    • 17/12/2011
  • You can enable a right click in System Preferences, or Control+Click like on the old one-button mice.

    • Answered by Timothy M from Hillsboro
    • 03/07/2012
  • Yes you can. If you go into system preferences and click on mouse you get all of the options up.

    • Answered by Adam J
    • 20/02/2011
  • It does a lot more than right click. You can swipe on it, scroll up, down and to the side and even multi-touch gesture like the iphone or trackpad. Difference is there isn't a button. The mouse knows where your finger is when you click. Watch a youtube video... there are tons of them.

    • Answered by Travis T from Kailua
    • 15/10/2014
  • Yes it does. Control click, or enable it under the mouse section of system preferences!

    • Answered by Jackson L from Burlingame
    • 10/02/2015
  • Yes, it does. Click the front-right portion and it will give you the righ click.

    • Answered by Roberto T from Palmdale
    • 12/06/2014