Does it shows the time?

Misfit Shine Personal Physical Activity Monitor

Misfit Shine Personal Physical Activity Monitor

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    Yes it does! It has a watch function that looks really cool and minimalistic. You tap the top of the device and the 12, 3, 6, 9 all light up, then there is a light for the hour, and a flashing one for the minute. It took me a second to see it exactly, but now I love it.

    If you go to Misfit Wearables YouTube page, they have a video posted on using the device as a watch. I tried to post the link but Apple won't let me

  • Yes, you just double tap on the Misfit. First you will see your activity tracker and then the LED will light up the time.

  • Yes it does. The lights light up around the side to show you the hour and minute.

  • Yes. Tap it twice and the Shine displays the time after presenting your activity.

  • Yes! You can enable the clock feature from the settings within the app,then sync the Shine with the app to apply the new setting.

  • Yes, there is a setting in the Misfit app where you can have the Shine show the time after it shows your activity progress.

  • yes, you tap on the device and then the first set of lights show where you are at for your daily goal, ala nike fuel. The second set shows one solid light for the hour and then a second flashing light for the minute. There are twelve lights total so it shows time to the closest five minute mark.

  • Yes! When you tap it, it will show your activity achievement level, then it will blink to show the time like an analog watch.

  • It shows the time via LEDs that light up on the face. I really don't consider that showing time. Oh and BTW, for some reason mine is set for Central Time and not Eastern. I have no idea how to change it.

  • Yes, but it uses a series of lights around the edge that light up in the areas that correspond to the numbers on a clock face.

  • It does not.