Does it click or is it tap-to-click?

  • Asked by Adam M from Kingston
  • 27/07/2010
Magic Trackpad

Magic Trackpad

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    It can be configured for both

    • Answered by Jaubair C from Sausalito
    • 28/07/2010
  • The product descrition sais that the whole trackpad is also a click-button.

    "Because the entire surface of Magic Trackpad is a button, you can click on objects just as you would using a traditional mouse."

    But you will be able to change the settings so you can also tap to click I presume. It's just the same as the trackpad from the MacBook Pro, only a lot bigger.

    • Answered by Joren D
    • 28/07/2010
  • Yes, the whole surface of the trackpad acts as a physical button and has a distinctive audible and tactile ‘click’ when pressed. You can set up tap-to-click via the Touchpad pane in System Preferences.

    • Answered by Keith W
    • 30/07/2010
  • From the product overview...

    "Because the entire surface of Magic Trackpad is a button, you can click on objects just as you would using a traditional mouse."

    • Answered by Amy L from Raleigh
    • 28/07/2010
  • Click with one finger to left click and to right click you press down with 2 fingers

    • Answered by Nick C from Islington
    • 28/07/2010
  • Correcting myself, the Trackpad does both. You can set it to either click or tap. In System Preferences, tap can be added. FYI: For my Late 2009 iMac i7, this software update did not appear automatically. On the clear wrapper around the keyboard on the back is an Apple web address to update your Mac so that the Trackpad shows up in System Preferences.

    • Answered by Stephen M A from Whitehall
    • 02/08/2010
  • Both. The entire trackpad is a button, exactly like the MacBook Pro. But you are also able to tap-to-click.

    • Answered by Larry M from Bullhead City
    • 28/07/2010
  • The Magic Trackpad can physically "click" down, or if you prefer, you have the option to "tap-to-click."

    • Answered by Eric Z from Columbia
    • 28/07/2010
  • Yes, it actually clicks rather than tap-to-click

    • Answered by Matthew M
    • 28/07/2010
  • "Press down anywhere on the Multi-Touch surface to physically click or double-click. Or, with “Tap to Click” enabled in System Preferences, simply tap or double-tap the surface."

    • Answered by Jeffrey T from San Jose
    • 02/02/2011
  • It can do both. I for instance us it on my lap when connected to my projector so I turn it on tap to click because normal click only works on a flat surface.

    • Answered by Andrew F from San Francisco
    • 29/08/2010
  • works perfectly.

    • Answered by Mark J from Lake Forest
    • 01/08/2010