can you right click with the magic trackpad  ?

Magic Trackpad

Magic Trackpad

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    Yes, you certainly can. You can assign the lower left or lower right area of the Trackpad to act as the right click and you can also check "Secondary tap" under the Two finger options. This means that whenever you tap two fingers at the same time, the system will recognize that as the right click.

    It's very easy to configure what you want one, two, three, and even four finger tapping and swiping to accomplish. System Preferences is where these configurations are made.

  • Yes you can. Just tap with two fingers at the same time anywhere on the Magic Trackpad.

  • Control+click.

  • FIND TRACK PAD ON YOUR PREFERENCES (Gear looking icon on your Task Bar, mine is on the bottom of the screen), Select the second choice and then use the pull down menu to choose which area of the pad you want to act as a right button, (bottom left, bottom right, or two finger tap). That should set it up.

  • A two finger click should do the trick!