Can I use it with my Sky set top box as well?

I recently got a Sky subscription & I would like to know if my I can watch Sky with this product.
(I dont mean Freeview)
Young, Weybridge

Elgato eyeTV

Elgato eyeTV

Product No Longer Available

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    EyeTV Hybrid allows for the connection of a set top box such as the Sky box. You will need a Scart to phono adaptor. This one gives you freeview.

  • No, you would need to buy the EyeTV Hybrid and connect it to the analogue antenna out on your sky box.

    Alternatively you could buy the EyeTV Sat product and plug your Sky viewing card directly into it, this would mean you would not even need a sky set-top box.

    This product, the EyeTV DTT cannot process any signal either directly from Sky satellites or from any of the outputs on a Sky set top box. It is for Digital terrestrial reception only.