Can I run audio through Bose Sounlink Air AND my Apple TV simultaneously?

Bose SoundLink Air Digital Music System

Bose SoundLink Air Digital Music System

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    You can select multiple speakers through iTunes, including the Bose SoundLink Air. When you click the multiple speakers menu in the lower right, a window pops up with speakers that you can select. The trick is to realize that the window only shows 2 outputs by default. You can either expand the window, or scroll down to see all the outputs available to you. (I almost returned this unit until I figured that little trick.) Good luck!

  • The answer is YES you can from your Mac running iTunes. You can stream music to multiple Airplay speakers and multiple AppleTVs at the same time.

    The answer is also NO you cannot from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. They currently only support streaming to one AirPlay "receiver" device.

  • Yes, but only from your computer. You cannot run multiple audio streams from your iPod/iPhone/iPad.

  • The answer is it depends. If you have an iphone airplay to the BSAir. ATV can airplay your iTunes library as well. If you are trying to use the same device to airplay, the answer no. BSAir can have multiple units stream the same song. I only have one unit but the manual says you can.

  • No, although you can run audio through more than one Soundlink Air simultaneously.

    Its also worth noting this AirPlay speaker does not have bluetooth functionality as stating in Apple's product specs at the time of writing.

  • No you can only connect to one airplay device at a time.