As this device does not have an ethernet port am I able to connect it via USB to my Airport Extreme and access the disks over my wireless network?

  • Asked by Greg J from Melbourne
  • 11/04/2010
Western Digital 2TB My Book Studio Edition II

Western Digital 2TB My Book Studio Edition II

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    Yes, I have the 6 TB model as an "AirDisk" on my Time Capsule, essentially exactly the same as an Extreme (2 x 3 TB disks inside, set to RAID 1 mirrored, so I have 3 TB's available, each drive mirrored inside this for data security).

    First you set it up whilst plugged directly into your Mac — both USB2 or FW800 are fine, though FW800 slightly quicker of course. If wanted, this includes the formatting into HFS+ RAID 1 which takes only a couple of mins (though comes as 6 TB striped HFS+ RAID 0 already if that's what you want) all done using the included really simple Manager software (PDF guide also included, but it's really non-techy simple).

    (Optionally at this stage you may want to initially do a mass data transfer onto it whilst still directly connected to the Mac; saves time doing it wirelessly!)

    THEN, just unplug from Mac and connect via USB2 into the Time Capsule/Extreme (I actually also use a cheap powered USB2 hub, so I can wirelessly network both my printer AND this drive in the USB2 on the back of the Capsule/Extreme).

    Et voila! Access the drive from the Time Capsule/Extreme in Finder sidebar, & drag icon under Devices in Finder's sidebar for direct sidebar access.

    Extra notes:
    (1) Like any external drive on OS X, if it keeps spinning-up when not in use, it's often best to just unmount it by ejecting it from Finder's sidebar. Then when needed, relocate it under the TC/Extreme in Finder & wait a few secs for it to spin-up again & remount.

    (2) If like me you're moving GB's of data from MBP laptop to any wirelessly networked HFS+ drive, data transfer speeds can be variable, even on currently available N-speed router connections. eg. sometimes 5 GB may take me 12 mins, sometimes double that. (along with wired Thunderbolt, eventually something like "Thunderbolt Air™ " is needed —Tbolt speeds over Wi-Fi— but that's another story for now, lol!).

    Hope all this helps.

    • Answered by James S
    • 15/02/2012
  • Yes (any USB disk drive). I have had a LaCie 2TB USB drive connected to an Airport Extreme and could write files to it and have Time Machine backups on it, but don't try to access the files with Time Machine turned on.

    • Answered by Michael S
    • 21/10/2011