can i use my iPad as a television with my Apple TV?

Apple TV

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    Yes you can. You can download an app from the market that streams TV from the Internet which is free on the App Store. Then when you start watching TV on your iPad you can click the little icon on the screen to go to the Apple TV option and it will stream it to the Apple TV instead. Like you do to watch YouTube videos on your Apple TV from the iPad

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  • To me, it doesn't sound like you need an Apple TV. The AppleTV is a receiver. Likewise, your iPad is receiver. You could leave Apple TV out of the equation and just download the HBO GO or ShowTime AnyTime or Starz Play apps or other apps (HULU, etc.) from the App Store right onto your iPad and it becomes your TV. Apple TV does come with some apps for NFL, MLB, NHL, etc that I'm just not sure are available on the app store so you may want the Apple TV to get those exclusive apps if indeed you can't get them on the app store. In that case, you would need to hook your Apple TV to your TV via HDMI cable to watch airings from the Apple TV Apps. A pro for the Apple TV though is that if you have videos on your Mac or iPhone or iPad, you're not stuck watching them on the smaller screen device. You can use AirPlay to transmit them to your AppleTV and watch them on the TV connected to the Apple TV.

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  • I know time warner has an app that can be used on an apple i have an app on mine and i love the app.I can watch live tv ,change channels from ipad ,pay bill and etc.

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  • I use mine in France. I, of course, have to use a power adaptor for the plug and I can't access many of the programs like Netflix and the american channels, but I can access everything on my Mac and on youtube just fine.

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  • Yes, you can use a slingbox. I love it! $300 investment, but will stream HD and any video source plus you can remotely control ur cable box, direct tv, whatever your service provider is in HD. I can access my dvr as well.

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  • can I get HGTV on my Apple TV ?

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  • yes

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  • yes

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  • You must download an app from your cable provider or find a a third party service.

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  • Nope. You can watch tv though when your provider has a special app for watching tv

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