Can this trackpad be used as a tablet?

  • Asked by Carlos/j C from Atlanta
  • 27/07/2010
Magic Trackpad

Magic Trackpad

Product No Longer Available

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    The Magic Trackpad is essentially the same trackpad found on the MacBook line of notebooks. While there isn't a built-in capability to support use as a drawing tablet, a third-party could create a plug-in or application to support such a feature.

    • Answered by Eric Z from Columbia
    • 28/07/2010
  • Based on my experience with the trackpad on our macbook and the tablet (it's a medium widescreen Intuos 3) that I use full time on my imac, to some degree, I suppose you could.

    If you're planning on using it for more than just drawing a few lines here and there (ie; you want to do digital painting and not just simple photo edits) then you might want to invest in a tablet. It's a different feel altogether.

    • Answered by Gloria C from Mill Creek
    • 28/07/2010
  • Given the look of the product, the pictures showing a hand using it, and descriptions of its functionality being basically the same as what the built-in trackpads on the MacBooks currently do, the answer is probably no. It's really just bringing the gesture functionality (scrolling, swiping, etc.) that the MacBooks have made part of the Mac experience to desktop Macs.

    Using that reasoning, it probably will not work like a tablet in the sense of using a stylus (except a specialize conductive one perhaps), absolute position tracking, pressure-sensitivity, eraser function, etc.

    • Answered by Collin O from Sacramento
    • 28/07/2010
  • Try the app called Inklet.
    you will need a stylus if you want something more accurate than your fingers.
    Trackpads are capacitive touch device just like any ipads/iphone

    • Answered by Benoit B from Longueuil
    • 06/02/2014