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    Excellent... when it works

    • Written by from Ayr

    I've had this product for some time now and for the most part it's great, it allows you to create a partition that you can use to connect to windows devices and it looks really good and professional.

    However, I have encountered quite a serious issue which is that even if you are extremely careful and safely remove the disk overtime, for some unknown reason (to me anyway) the disk will not mount. For those not in the know, that basically means, your computer will not recognise the disk and therefore not be able to read it. My macbook (and every other device in my house that I can connect it to (windows PCs, TVs, other MacBooks of varying ages) can read the share partition but not the main partition. I have tried using disk utility which says that I need to repair the device and then it says that it cannot be repaired and I must restore it. The first time this happened, I somehow managed to fix it through pure luck (I think I connected it into my TV) without restoring it but this time I am having no such luck.

    I am writing this review whilst I try and figure out how to fix the device as it has just happened for the second time and of course, I am reluctant to wipe the disk as I cannot retrieve any files from it currently.

  • 3.0 out of 5 stars


    • Written by from Lansing

    I purchased mine about a year or so ago and it worked fine in the beginning but now my Macbook Pro does not read the drive when I plug it into the USB port. The drive is whirling away as though it was working but nothing! Have to purchase a new drive to perform backups on and not really happy.

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