is there any latency (delay) with the recording?

Apogee JAM Guitar Input

Apogee JAM Guitar Input

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    I'm using it with an iPad (1) and there is a noticeable latency... Don't know if this is inherent in the hardware or if it would be better on and iPad 2.

  • I'm using the Jam with an iPhone 4S and GarageBand. I don't get any lag whatsoever and everything is immediate. I'm guessing this is 1st gen iPad issue. I would highly recommend the Jam, personally. For what it is, it sounds fantastic. It's in a different league to the iRig, which I found to be unusable due to the noise and clicks it produces.

  • Quite low latency, definitely very playable with sound modeling through the iPad.

  • I hear no delay or latency when using this to record with the ipad or iphone, also the sound I hear does not sound digitized on my setup, it sounds good. I do hear a very slight delay if I use it with my mac though.

  • I bought this promising 80-pound worth device yesterday and I am taking it back to the shop straight away.

    I have been looking for the best quality undelayed sound for recording multitracks for my home recording and I must admit the device does not meet any of the above expectations.. The sound is a) digitalised and b) delayed which does not allow timely recording (it resembles the delay of a pitch-shifter or a poor quality equivalent of a whammy bar).

    I thought it would be useful for some people like myself to know about this so it would save you a hassle of taking it back to the shop.
    I would not recommend it to experienced instrument players.

  • This is just a connector, and he jacks are pretty efficient for audio if there is a problem it must be your device's cpu that cant handle processing the sound

  • Terrible latency for me on an ipad 2. Like a slap back echo.