How well would it work for World of Warcraft?

Im using the magic mouse right now, and its really not the greatest thing for WoW. I was just wondering how the trackpad would be instead.

  • Asked by Jace W from Tyler
  • 18-Feb-2011
Magic Trackpad

Magic Trackpad

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    It comes down to how you play WoW and the haptic (sense of touch) feedback you expect from your mouse (or trackpad).

    If you found yourself scrolling past the thing you wanted to select with the Magic Mouse's "virtual" touch (as opposed to physical) scroll wheel, the Magic Trackpad will have the same problem because it has no haptic feedback (no notchy scroll wheel feedback that allows you to easily count how many items you scrolled though without watching the menu on the screen).

    Right clicking is simple just tap with two fingers (but, you cannot chord left and right click together which some apps allow; or click with the virtual scroll wheel also used in many games).

    • Answered by Chris S from San Jose
    • 20-Mar-2011