How well does this work with Siri?

I recently bought a Motorola HX550 and had a few problems with it. Everyone on the other end complained about echoing and Siri would keep listening after I was done talking, even in a quiet room. I'm wondering how well this product will work with the Iphone 5 and Siri

  • Asked by Joshua M from Newnan
  • 06-Mar-2013
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    Not as well as it should.

    There are times, depending upon the ambient silence/noise level when Siri does not detect when you stop speaking. This is actually worse in complete silence. And this is not a nose canceling headset, so if the ambient level is very loud, Siri will misinterpret.

    But it does work well when it works.


    • Answered by Alan E from Upper Arlington
    • 08-Jan-2014
  • I have an iphone 4s and I just bought the marque. It works great with Siri.

    • Answered by Zuleika R from Syracuse
    • 17-Mar-2013