How long do the batteries last once charged?

Say I charge one set for spare when one set runs out. how long do they last just sitting around?

Or is it best to leave them flat and start charging when the battery in my item (keyboard/mouse) gets to 10% etc? then swap over and leave the old batteries until the next item goes flat

  • Asked by Aaron S from Auckland
  • 02-Aug-2011
Apple Battery Charger

Apple Battery Charger

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2 Answers from the Community

  • In long-term storage, it's best to store them at full charge. This prevents damage to the cells from over-discharge.

    You should be able to expect 80% charge after two years of storage in that state.

    • Answered by Ian G from Winter Park
    • 24-Mar-2014
  • The batteries would last around 3-4 months depending on the quality

    • Answered by Tanya P from Falmouth
    • 19-Nov-2012