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  1. Incase's Universal Mini Car Charger offers a compact, low-profile design that features a 2.1-amp USB port for the fastest possible charging of your iPod, iPhone, or iPad when you're on the go.

    AED 69.95
    • Dispatched: 1-2 weeks
  2. The mophie juice pack power station XL External Battery for iPad, iPhone and iPod provides quick charge to your USB-powered devices, even in the absence of a power outlet. Featuring two USB ports, the external battery lets you charge a variety of devices, including the iPad and iPhone, with very high power output.

    AED 509.00
    • Dispatched: Within 24 hours
  3. Connect and charge any rechargeable USB device with the Techlink Recharge 2500. Carry with you anywhere to extend the battery life of your iPhone or iPod.

    AED 149.95
    • Dispatched: Within 24 hours
  4. Thanks to innovative "high-output" technology, mophie's Juice Pack Powerstation Duo gives you ultra-fast, simultaneous charging for two iPhone, iPad or iPod devices.

    AED 329.95
    • Dispatched: Within 24 hours
  5. mophie's Juice Pack Powerstation External Battery integrates innovative "high-output" technology that delivers ultra-fast charging of your iPhone, iPod or iPad.

    AED 339.95
    • Dispatched: Within 24 hours
  6. Connect and charge any two rechargeable USB devices at the same time with the Techlink Recharge 10000. Carry with you anywhere to extend the battery life of your iPhone, iPod or iPad.

    AED 379.95
    • Dispatched: Within 24 hours
  7. Talk hands free and listen to your playlist through your FM radio with Belkin TuneBase Hands Free FM. With no special installation or wiring, you can get stereo sound on the go for your music and calls.

    AED 349.95
    • Dispatched: Within 24 hours
  8. Wirelessly play music from your iPhone or iPod on your car stereo while also answering calls with a simple push of a button.

    AED 279.95
    • Dispatched: Within 24 hours
  9. Keep track of your valuables with this home security device from Philips Electronics. The InRange uses Bluetooth technology to make sure you don’t lose your iPhone, keys, or wallet.

    AED 179.95
    • Dispatched: Within 24 hours