I am wanting to use the hue bulbs on a light fixture which lists as taking a 40W Max light bulb. Is this okay?

  • Asked by Frank G from El Paso
  • 27-Sep-2013
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    The housing of the light does indeed get warm, but not "hot". They are easy to handle, even if they have been on, and the glass head of the bulb remains cool to the touch. Whatever is going on in the "smart" housing and internal power supply is what generates the heat, which I want to reemphasize as fairly inconsequential.

    • Answered by Jason D from Houston
    • 16-Dec-2013
  • Yes, no problem.

    • Answered by Gabriel L
    • 23-Nov-2013
  • I would think so. These bulbs only consume about 9W of power, and they don't get nearly as hot as a 40W bulb does. (They do get hot though, which is atypical for an LED bulb.)

    • Answered by Richard B from Houston
    • 06-Oct-2013
  • Do note that while LED products produce less heat, they are also made with lower heat tolerances, so your $50 bulb will not last as long in a warmer environment. So the answers to these questions are not really answered.

    • Answered by David M from Montreal
    • 08-Dec-2013
  • Should be fine. 8.5W. I've left my bulbs on for hours at a time and they are still cool to the touch.

    • Answered by Dave A from San Jose
    • 07-Nov-2013