Techlink ReFresh Spray & Swipe Advanced Screen-Cleaning Blade


Techlink ReFresh Spray & Swipe Advanced Screen-Cleaning Blade

AED 79.95

1-2 weeks

Product Information

  • Overview

    With it's scented anti-bacterial cleaning formula and soft, cloth-covered sponge, the Techlink ReFresh Spray and Swipe screen-cleaning blade will leave your devices smelling and looking fresh.

  • Highlights

    • Scented anti-bacterial cleaning fluid (50 ml)
    • Concealed fluid bottle and replaceable sponges
    • Anti-microbial cloth-covered sponges
    • One-handed spray and wipe action
  • Did you notice?

    The anti-microbial cloth and anti-bacterial spray mean your device will be left germ-free.
  • Apple Recommends For

    Keeping your devices free from dirt and smudges.
  • What's in the Box?

    • Instruction guide
    • Cleaning blade unit
    • 2 x replacement screen cleaning sponges
  • Tech Specs

    • Height: 110 mm
    • Width: 63 mm
    • Length: 26 mm
  • Manufacturer Information

    Part Number

    • UPC or EAN No.: 5026252900504


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