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New 13-inch model with Force Touch trackpad, up to 10 hours of battery life,* and the latest Intel Core processors.

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With the latest‑generation Intel Core i5 and i7 processors.

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Apple TV

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Get the most out of your Mac.

  • See all your apps at once.

    Pinch the trackpad with five fingers to activate Launchpad and see all your apps on one screen. Open your fingers to return to the previous screen.

  • Go full screen with one click.

    Click the green button in the upper-left corner of the window to go full screen when using Apple apps like Safari and Mail. Or press Control-Command-F to go full screen even faster.

  • Get a bird’s-eye view of your Mac.

    Swipe three fingers up on the trackpad to open Mission Control and see all your open apps and windows. Create new spaces by dragging files into the thumbnails on the top bar.

  • Hold down keys to bring up special characters.

    Hold down certain keys like E and A to select accents and foreign characters. So you can type words in Spanish, Portuguese, German, and more.

  • Drag and drop your files to other devices.

    AirDrop lets you share files between Mac and iOS devices almost instantly. Recipients will receive a notification, which they can simply click to download the file.

  • Connect to an iPhone hotspot.

    Your Mac can remotely activate the Personal Hotspot on your iPhone when they are near each other. Select your iPhone from the Wi-Fi menu on your Mac and you’ll be online in seconds. You don’t even have to take your iPhone out of your pocket.

  • Answer iPhone calls from your Mac.

    When someone calls your iPhone, you’ll also see a notification on your Mac* showing you the caller’s name and number. Just click the notification to answer. You can also make a call from your Mac by clicking a phone number in your Contacts, Mail, or Safari.

    *Requires a device running iOS 8. Your Mac and iOS device must be signed in to the same iCloud account.

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